We understand that there are certain connotations about the use of handbags, but in this era, man not only carries his wallet, but also carries keys, cell phone, glasses, computer, tablet, lotion … And where are they supposed to keep them? ?

In the era of fashion, there are quite a few options for choosing a good men’s purse, ranging from a small cross-body bag tied on the chest to a pistol case, used to store cell phones, keys and a wallet, up to huge designs to store computers, and all the accessories that need to carry not only to work, but for a trip etc.

For a limited work day, a backpack or messenger bag would be the most reasonable options, both for your computers, lunch and headphones. A soft briefcase would be the choice of adults.

There are different styles of Man Purse that you can buy depending on your personality

Delivery courier

A messenger-style bag is easy to carry around the city, if you ride your bike to work or take the subway; it’s nice to have a shoulder strap that can fit perfectly to your body.

They were originally designed for couriers transported on bicycles; these bags are made of more sophisticated materials and have been the most appropriate for the office

If you are looking for durability, good sewing is the key. Look for something that has leather reinforcements at pressure points where they carry a lot of weight, such as on the sides and shoulder straps, etc.


One of the key pieces that any man can own is a leather briefcase; a well-made bag should last for generations.

Instead of the traditional square bag, look for something modern; Try to match the colour to your shoes or belt. If you wear brown shoes, buy a brown briefcase. If they are black, buy a black one.

Shoulder strap

The thing gets complicated. The source of the man crossed bags is armed and as the First World War starts to be seen as a helpful element to take and access to things. With the up to date times the thing imitative to the messenger bags, crossed and of standard size. They are the most used in the middle of men, basically, because they are comfortable, they leave their hands free and there are materials of all kinds: from the leather suitable for the offices to the safe nylon for the weekends. When they are small they acquire an absurd name in Spain, the fruit of all those prejudices, which we refuse to reproduce. We will say that, in that minimal version and a little kinki, the bandolier is not too appetizing


Finally, each gentleman must possess a travel bag that contains enough space for a trip of three or four days and that does not hinder.

It must also be resistant. When you travel, put things on the ground, either at the airport or in the trunk of the car, and for this they require something that really assures them that it will withstand a lot of movement.

Why men do not know how to carry a bag?

Why men do not know how to carry a bag? “The bag should be crossed and not carry so many things, some people carry up to 5 kilograms in it The width of the strip is important because it gets to nail if the weight is so high and its width is not enough,” says the physiotherapist, who also recommends carrying the bag as close to the body as possible and preventing it from oscillating.    In addition, it is better to carry it on the shoulder and use models that allow this option and do…