Rebecca Ruber is a woman with a lot of talents, a lot  of professional pursuits and, quite frankly, a lot of  opinions. That’s why in addition to being a successful  actress, model, fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Ruber  also stars on not one, but two popular podcasts.   And much like with a career that has seen her destroy  several prototypical stereotypes, this perky  fashionista also packs a heck of a punch when it comes  to her insights, opinions and provocative questions on  her boxing podcast, Inside the Ring with Rebecca Ruber.   Yes, you read that right — a boxing podcast hosted by  a striking actress who has previously had starring  roles on the hit Showtime series Billions, in the  season finale of the TV series, Limitless, and in the  movie, Abnormal Attraction. 

“Your dreams don’t work unless you do,” said the New  Jersey-bred Ruber, who seemingly works around the clock  with the many projects that she has going on ranging  from a clothing line (BeSpokeSociety co-founded with  Michael Sebahie), acting and modeling sessions, being  an emerging fitness trainer and her two podcasts. Like  with Inside the Ring with Rebecca Ruber, Just the  Ghouly Things — a horror-based podcast that she co hosts with Lilly Baldassare — is available on Apple  Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and iHeartRadio.   Just listen to how Ruber delved deeply into the psyche  of boxer Chris Algieri — a veteran of 47 professional  fights — about a match he had against Rusian  Provodnikov at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn in 2014.  Ruber repeatedly pressed Alfieri to get him to share  his thought processes following an early knockdown in  the Provodnikov fight on a recent episode of Inside the  Ring. 

Ruber: “Do you remember how you felt in those early  rounds? What was something said to you or that you said  to yourself that kicked you into maximum overdrive and  allowed you take control of that fight?”

After getting Algieri to admit, “I felt like  (Provodnikov) punched a hole in my face,” Ruber later  pressed the rugged boxer even more by asking this  probing question: “How do you not allow your emotions  to get the best of you? A lot of ring fighters just  want to brawl, and when they get hit, it’s a fight-or flight thing and they get hurt more than they did the  first time getting hit. How do you push emotions to the  side and focus on the game plan you had originally?”   Clearly, Ruber is more fight than fluff when it comes  to discussing the gritty action inside the boxing  ropes. 

If Ruber sounds like someone who knows her way around  the ring it’s because she took up boxing recreationally  two years ago and quickly fell in love with the  competition, fitness and mental toughness that the  sport known affectionally as “The Sweet Science”  demands. One would think a former Miss America and Miss  Teen USA pageant contestant wouldn’t want to do  anything to jeopardize her brilliant smile or those  striking facial features, but Ruber is more than  willing to take the same sort of chances that have made  her successful in her expansive and well-rounded  career. 

 Ruber, you see, has more layers to her career than a  10-year-old’s birthday cake. Though basketball,  softball, soccer, tennis and bowling were were her  passions while growing up, she showed off her smarts  and serious side by needing just three years to get a  business administration degree from Ramapo College of  New Jersey. 

That work prepared Ruber for real life and finding a  way to earn a great living by pursuing all of the  things she is the most passionate about. Whether she is  modeling, acting, working as a fitness trainer who  heavily incorporates boxing into her workout sessions,  helping design BeSpokeSociety’s streetwear clothing  line or podcasting, Ruber sees it all as a labor of  love. She was recently flooded with positive  engagements from her Instagram followers who have

incorporated her at-home workouts into their training  sessions and have had success staying on track during  the pandemic that closed so many gyms. She admitted  that her heart was full by just knowing that she was  having an impact on others with her adaptable home  workout sessions.