In today’s Old Soul Archaeology podcast, I shared some thoughts on the Emergent Voice from an individual perspective, but I think it’s important to recognize the Emergent Voice from a collective perspective as well.

The Emergent Voice is reminiscent of the individual and collective rise of the Authentic Self. The true authentic voice that arises from within is always in discovery and always in remembering. It isn’t afraid of change within and without as it considers change a necessary factor of growth and evolution.

If we look around we can see that there is a rising voice among the populace that is demanding change. While all of the expressions of this voice might not agree with your sensibilities, it is quite the same as the voice within you that are often imperfect in its expression.

At the same time, just as within you there is an inner critic and also an inner wisdom guide, these same voices exist collectively as well. So while there is a high degree of conflictive expressions at the moment, we can trust that the Emergent Voice is a Voice of Growth.

As we embrace our individual Emergent Voice, the one of our Authentic Self, indeed our Higher Self, that embrace is reflected collectively as well.

As this collective Emergent Voice grows we will further see a challenge to the status quo, a challenging of old rigid belief systems, a resistance to social conditioning. While this inevitably creates a certain amount of dissension, I believe we will see a shift toward a letting go of dualistic thinking that inevitably traps us in an us against them mentality. We will embrace a more humanitarian latitude toward our fellow humans by letting go of strict right/wrong judgments and either/or thinking.

You might be wondering by now how you can nurture the growth of this collective Emergent Voice. You want to know how you can effect positive change in the midst of local, national and even global strife.

Certainly there are outer methods of doing this, with voting and activism, calling attention to injustices instead of pretending they don’t exist. I’ll let others speak to these outer methods.

Instead, I’ll focus on inner methods since this Emergent Voice comes from within and will affect our outer realities. Our nurturance of our own individual Emergent Voice contributes to the energetic imprint of the collective.

As I mentioned on my podcast, which you can access for more details, here are a few ideas for nurturing your own Emergent Voice.

  1. Spend more time in nature. We forget that we are “nature” and reconnecting to our natural world of plants and rocks and trees and clouds reconnects us with ourselves.
  2. Get creative. Without concern for standards of perfection or what people might think, create art for yourself. Write heartfelt lyrics or a melody. Paint, draw, doodle, or just get out some crayons with your kids and color.
  3. Meditate and Pray. It’s easy to take these exercises for granted if we aren’t involved in some regular practice, and it might seem cliche to mention them, but you’ll never know the power of meditation and prayer by reading about them. You have to do them!
  4. Bodywork. Some of us are more kinetically inclined so Yoga or T’ai Chi or Dancing (I particularly like the late Gabrielle Roth’s Ecstatic Dance) are great ways to regain our sense of self bodily and spiritually.
  5. Dreamwork. In the western world dreams are highly undervalued so much so that many of us claim that we just don’t dream when the truth is that we simply fail to access their power by remembering and working with them.
  6. Oracle Work. I love oracle cards but I caution my audiences against simply reading an interpretation and accepting it without contemplation. Our relationships to symbols are highly personal and often change with our age and circumstances. I have designed an oracle deck that encourages self-interpretation instead of offering what I think your interpretation should be.
  7. Shamanic Journeying. There are many great resources for shamanic journeying that extract the essence of our human ability to walk between worlds for inspiration and information, as well as healing, without dishonoring the many indigenous peoples around the world that practice in their own way.

These are just a few ways to connect with your own Emergent Voice to remember more fully who you are, beneath layers of masks and social conditioning. You are an expression of the Divine and therefore capable of and deserving of more love than you can even imagine.

Cover Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay