Recommended Books That Will Educate and Entertain

I’m always looking for recommended hormone related books, so I thought I’d let you have a few of my current favourites if you get time to get some reading in this summer.

You can watch the video below or listen to the podcast

1. The Stress Solution by Dr Chatterjee (our favourite GP!). This is a must read for anyone wanting to manage their stress levels. It’s full of easy, practical tips that you can fit into your day.

Dr C offers a 4 step stress solution; Body, Mind, Purpose and Relationships. In Body, he talks about Food, Exercise and Circadian Rhythm. In Mind he covers Technology, Nature and Breathwork. In Purpose, he looks at Habits, Time management and how to LIVE more. And in Relationships he discusses Connection, Intimacy and Friendships. 

Phew, pretty much anything that can stress you out is covered in this book, along with some really great tips on how to manage your stress in each of these areas.

2. Older and Wider by Jenny Eclair. Jenny’s account of her menopause made me giggle out loud. You really have to laugh sometimes!

You get a flavour of it right at the start with the Dedication;

‘ This book is dedicated to all the menopausal women out there. Because there are loads of us scurrying around in a furious temper, faces like hammerhead sharks, wondering what the hell to have for tea. All with a combined temperature of a billion degrees’.

3. Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig. While it’s not strictly in the hormone books category, if you suffer from anxiety it’s a must read! I found this book really helpful to understand my daughter’s anxiety. Looking at sleep, news, social media, addiction, work and play, Matt invites us to feel calmer, happier and question the way we spend our precious time on earth

I loved Matt’s tip to reduce our anxiety around ageing;

Every photo you look at and think oh I look old, will one day be a photo you look back on and think oh I looked young. Instead of feeling bad from the perspective of your younger self, try feeling young from the perspective of your older self

4. Fix Your Period by Nicole Jardim. This is the user manual we never got given when we were younger! An excellent book for anyone still having a cycle (and a must read for anyone with PMS or other period issues). 

From mapping your cycle, to working out what period problems are telling you, Nicole also provides a really practical 6 week programme to fix things. One of THE hormone books you need in your tool kit.

I hope you get some time to read this summer. It’s actually a really effective way to reduce your cortisol!

And if you need any help with your hormones, including your stress hormones, you know where we are. Comment or send us a message at