The miracles of modern life have made our lives easier in many ways, but they have also created a barrier between our minds and our innate intuitive powers. That barrier has also separated us from our inner spiritual core and energy.

Spiritual development and psychic self-defense are the antidotes to modern life. We no longer have to accept modern stress and conflict in our minds and hearts. We don’t have to be victims of the negative energies and influences that surround us every day.

We Can Protect Ourselves

Each of us has an inner spiritual center and the energy that radiates from our bodies is what is called the aura. Our aura reflects our general state, the combination of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. People who are healthy, happy and optimistic radiate a strong, bright aura, while people who are sick, unhappy and pessimistic have dark auras. Negative people can actually drain the energy and aura of positive people.

How Do People Lose Their Spiritual Connection?

This world is full of healthy distractions. Too much focus on wealth and material possessions can displace our sense of our own divinity. We forget that we are spiritual beings and join the race for things, for prestige, and for worldly power. For most of us, this quest is a hopeless one. In time, our positive state is overcome by disappointment, anger, and even violence. In the end, the person who has lost his way finds himself in despair and misery.

How Can People Find Their Spiritual Connection?

It is possible to eliminate negative energy from our lives and become healthy, positive people with the ability to defend ourselves from negative energies and influences. The process for doing this is spiritual development. It is about reducing and eliminating our own negative energies and replacing them with positive energies, based on spirituality.

The first step in this process is introspection, identifying those aspects of our thoughts and emotions that are negative: such as anger, envy, laziness and lust, we begin a journey of self-awareness. By becoming self-aware, we are able to identify and nurture our positive energies and emotions such as joy, hope, compassion, and enthusiasm.

As our spirit grows, the aura becomes stronger, and we are able to defend ourselves from holes in our energy. We are able to maintain a strong and healthy aura, as well as have the ability to share that positive energy with others. Part of the process of discovery is to release abilities such as intuition and suppressed telepathy.

We are born with these abilities, but we do not learn to use them, as they go against modern “rational” thinking. We are embarrassed until we lose contact with them completely. They are important for the restoration of our spiritual connection, and our efforts in spiritual development will help us to conquer these suppressed abilities and bring them to the surface where they become part of our psychic arsenal of self-defense.

There are many things we can do to promote spiritual development and aura strength.

First and foremost is meditation. It takes time to learn how to meditate, it can be very frustrating at first. But adopting a daily meditation practice is the best way to open your spirit and release your innate hidden abilities. It disconnects the mind, relaxes the body, and helps us through the introspective process.

By practicing for long periods, meditation makes us more energetic, healthier, and better able to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous negative influences. Other techniques also promote positive spiritual development: yoga, color therapy, laughter therapy, and frequent exposure to nature. Each of these helps us to get in touch with our inner spiritual essence and build positive thought patterns and energies.

This, in turn, strengthens our aura and creates a psychic self-defensive barrier between us and negative energies. A healthy lifestyle is fundamental to spiritual development. It is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, to exercise, to stimulate the mind, and to build healthy relationships.

With these objectives, many activities can be identified that make you a stronger and more spiritually fit human being. So unlock the hidden treasures within you.