7 steps to Lessness.

Up until now most of us have been living a race to be more, achieve more, have more… more, more and even more.  And although the concept of minimalism is in vogue, let’s face it, it’s not for everyone. However, moving forward it’s time re-evaluate and search for a more sustainable way of living given our current global crisis.

Life as we know it has come to a screeching halt and as we ponder our existence in the  confinements of our homes as the virus is wreaking havoc with escalating fear, frustration and madness, I beg to redefine the meaning of the word Lessness and shine it in a different light.  According to Merriam-Webster lessness is defined as the quality or state of being less: inferiority.

Inferiority? Is it really that we become inferior with less? Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to explore how less is really more.

Solitary confinement, boredom and a desire to share my knowledge as a wellness professional regarding better ways to cope with the vast amount of stress, I decided to create a Facebook page to provide information, share knowledge, post radio interviews… then I hit a wall and came to a point of personally desiring what I now see as “lessness”.

I disconnected from everything for two days and realised I needed less… less information, less stuff, less chaos… my soul was yearning for less.

Now with greater serenity and having taken some time for myself to self-care and self-regulate, I have come up with some recommendations as we redefine lessness without the connotation of inferiority where we discover less is really more:

  1. Less noise: take some time for daily meditation or contemplation. And yes, the mind is noisy with its thoughts and worries, yet there may be a split second where you feel a profound sense of peace to help you cope.
  2. Less information: limit time exposed to the news and social media.  I’ve asked friends to discontinue sending me doom messages and have left group chats that are just too noisy. I read the “news” once a day and select when and what I read.
  3. Less control: clearly understand what is in my control and what isn’t. I believe the only two things we can control is our breath as well as our reactions to events, not the events themselves.
  4. Less anxiety: anxiety can be reduced by writing, so keep a journal and write whatever comes up. Explore new ways to reduce your anxiety and stress.
  5. Less stuff: declutter and start clearing stuff you no longer need.  Give away or recycle it.  Spring is here and what better moment to do some spring cleaning and free yourself of stuff that no longer serves you and could serve others.
  6. Less consumption: become mindful of what you want to bring in your life now that you have less. This is the perfect opportunity to start practicing intermittent fasting for example.
  7. Less heroism: if you are really struggling find some professional support.

So explore lessness, slow down and to find a rhythm that is more in synchronicity with nature. The planet is taking a rest from our incessant desire for more. Dolphins have been spotted in the canals of Venice, so perhaps this is the perfect moment to find harmony within the four walls of our homes, within our hearts, with our loved ones and with our planet. And when we all emerge, we will have learnt some valuable lessons and redefined the meaning of lessness.