While no one is perfect, the emails you send to current or perspective clients should be as close to perfect as you can get them. You will be judged based on the quality and content of each email, so it’s important to take the time to edit your message until you’re satisfied with the appearance of it. These tips can help you craft a better email.

Keep the Subject Line Brief But Informative

A subject line that’s too short can come off sounding spammy and, more importantly, it may confuse the recipient. When crafting the subject line, come up with an eye-catching title that provides the recipient with the basic purpose of the email. Instead of going with “Weekend Sale,” try something like “50% Off Every In-Store Purchase This Weekend”.

Stay Formal and Professional

Unless a client has told you otherwise, you should always address them in a formal manner. Additionally, maintain a professional tone throughout the message that doesn’t make use of slang or casual expressions. After the greeting, remind them of what circumstances may have prompted the email and get to the point of the message immediately afterwards.

Use the CC Option Sparingly

In almost every circumstance in which you’re sending to multiple recipients, the blind copy function is the best option. It allows you to send the same email to multiple people without compromising the privacy of the recipients. However, if there’s a reason you want the recipients to know who received a copy of the email, use the CC function. This is applicable when issues directly affect more than one individual, such as in addressing a dispute between two parties.

Mention Attachments in the Body of the Email

If you’re attaching a file to your email, be sure to mention it in the body of the email. It should be mentioned in a separate paragraph to ensure the reader sees it, and you should provide a short description of what the file contains. In some email applications, the attachment may be dropped after sending a few emails with the same attachment. For that reason, it’s also wise to double check that the file is attached before clicking send.

When you’ve finished editing your email, it may be worthwhile to get a fresh pair of eyes. Ask a friend or colleague to read the email and provide you with an evaluation of it. This will ensure the finished message that’s received by your clients will stand out for all of the right reasons.