It’s my favorite time of year. Personally I feel magic in the air all year round. That’s how I roll. So it’s really nice to be in the holiday season when more people are open to receiving that spirit all around us. Love it!
There is such excitement too. Anticipation of what the new year will bring and letting go of the past. If you have been in my inner circle of clients then you know that for years we honor this time and go deep. We set intentions for what we want to manifest for the new year. We do energy clearing to let go of any ties that may be holding us back. We choose the feelings we want to experience more of in the coming months. We embody them now and release the rest. Fresh, clear and excited for what we are calling in. 
Personally I am manifesting a year of focused work that deeply serves others, warmth in my heart and home, feeling empowered in my body and a trip to Paris with my family.
I am so excited and will pop in here later on FB Live to share a few ways that I love to close out the energy of the past year and make space to expand into the new!

I took a trip to the The New York Botanical Garden on Friday to see the train show. Wow! Mind blown. Soul stirred. This is human potential. These folks are so extraordinary. They take what is available on the forest floor and turn them into masterpiece replicas of historic buildings. Applied Imagination has showcases all over the country. So if you can’t make it to NYBG then perhaps you can find an exhibit in your area.
It’s great way to start the New Year. To reflect on what’s possible. To witness the infinite potential of the human spirit. Let it spark your curiosity. Be in wonderment. What a fantastic energy to vibe at.
I have built a ritual to close out each year in celebration, reflection and gratitude. It has changed my life in ways I cannot even put into words.

If you didn’t catch it, I did a FREE training on how to close out your year in a really powerful way.

Tune in. Here is the link:

I invite you to join me in pausing. Sigh. Breathe. Cry. Reflect. Celebrate. 

Give love for your life as it is right now in the moment and savor all the moments that led to this one.

Here are few questions for contemplation:

What is your word for 2019? Let your intuition guide you. Let your word find you. I invite you to listen and let it come to you naturally.

If you were your grandmother, what advice would you give yourself for this year?

If you were your guardian angel, what would offer support for?

List 3 things and 3 people you are deeply grateful for this year:

How do you feel today compared to New Year’s Eve 2017? 

Take a selfie right now and pull up a selfie from your phone that was taken at the end of 2017. What do you notice?

I am looking forward to all you create in 2019!!

Love & Light