The devastation that Covid-19 has wrought on the public has been unprecedented. Nearly everybody knows of at least someone who has been lost to this nightmare pandemic. With so many lives lost, many have wisely used this time as a reminder to not take one’s health for granted, and to recalibrate our priorities. Going through introspection is critical for the mental and emotional well being of any human being. It’s a process that affords us the opportunity to consider what we’re focused.


Those on the frontlines fighting this pandemic deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. One of the highlights of my day when I’m in my NYC apartment, is the 7 PM public cheer to recognize the amazing efforts of our city’s amazing public health workers. It’s such a remarkable moment to see and hear everyone come together to express our appreciation for the selflessness of the nurses, EMTs, doctors and others who are sacrificing so much to keep us all safe and healthy. 


The damage that this disaster has caused has led many of us to reassess what we prioritize in life. Our health and that of our family members and friends should surely be paramount; and something we prize over all else. As we continue looking for the silver lining in all this, let’s at least reconsider how much we have to be grateful for.