Today, I do not have any mastercard. And neither do I have any debit or credit card. Not that I hate them but after using them for a long time, I found out that I was misusing money and buying things that I was not supposed to or things that I would not have bought with hard cash.

You see I had this large gang of friend whom we would hang out with in the most of bizarre places and I would end up wasting money on drinks, lodgings, online games and malls. I would later find out that I had blown away so much money that I would get scared by this. I had to see my financial advisor who told me that I was ending up spending more than I had planned because when I paid with my Mastercard, I would feel as though that I was not really spending money.

Later on, I would discover that I had blown away so much money in my bank account and at other times, I would even find that I had a debt since there was not as much money as I had already spent.

There were also days when I found out that I was a victim of identity theft where people would use skimmers and all types of software to get hold of my personal details and end up spending my money without my knowledge. I would then have to call the bank telling them to cancel all the future transactions on that card but at most times, the damage would have already been done with money stolen or my card used to buy adult movies and all kinds of kinky things.

Thankfully, a friend advised me to use this fake credit card number generator which enables you to get a card number which you can then first check whether a service is genuine before committing your details. At the same time, these fake credit numbers protects you from online identity theft of credit card details.