Regan Hillyer is a Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mindset Coach and Global Speaker. She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business training to men and women who have a big message they want to share with the world. Regan specializes in helping experts uncover their true message and launch powerful personal brands, helping them make a big impact and build a legacy. Regan Hillyer is a certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist, amongst completing many other certifications and training. Regan has invested in excess of half a million dollars on her own personal development and business journey and takes pride in continuously learning and growing from key industry leaders.

Regan has trained thousands of people, helping them build multiple six- and seven-figure businesses location-free, using powerful mindset changing tools and cutting-edge business development strategies. Regan’s passion for helping others achieve extensive financial and personal abundance is powered by a vision, where every human has the ability to unlock his or her greatness.

Hillyer is known for delivering high-quality, out-of-the-box, break-the-rules business and personal development training. She uses a unique, yet simplistic approach to empowerment, coaching and success that centers on creating a real connection with her clients. She concentrates on leveraging the right environment to help people achieve in every area of life. “I’m helping people to focus on being visionaries and getting results instead of just being dreamers,” Regan Hillyer says.

Regan Hillyer is not the typical success “guru.” Instead, she sees herself as a strong, confident, powerful coach who is obsessed with helping both men and women become successful. Hillyer strives to find the right direction for everyone and believes anyone can succeed if they want it badly enough. She explains, “I encourage people to stop hiding behind ‘masks’ and step into their own success by becoming authentically aligned with them and who they are as a unique individual.”

According to Hillyer, many people are frustrated by a lack of success, but they don’t have to be. Success is not an anomaly, and it’s achievable with the right system, she says. “Learning to make a living doing what you love, that’s the difference,” Hillyer adds.

Regan Hillyer is self-made milliner. She makes his Million in the age of twenty four and in the age of thirty she generated 9 figure Dollars. She knew nothing about the internet or internet marketing and grew an online business to over one million in less than 8 months when she started online. Now Regan Hillyer is successful female entrepreneur in the world and she has a global business over twenty countries. Hillyer’s main achievement is that she build a school in Africa and sending their Kids to school. She has created 500 thousand scholarships for youth over twenty countries.

In conclusion Regan is a true thought leader in her industry, not only in fast personal growth and success. She’s also here to disrupt the version of what you perceive to be ’normal’, to help you break free of old archaic systems.