Reigniting Your Passion for Creativity

Why is it Hard to Stay Creative?

Creativity, whether it is scientific or artistic, is essential for life. In fact, our brains have different structures that work into providing us our creative drive. However, there are other external and internal factors that can also affect our creativity. 

You might feel that you are limited in terms of resources. Perhaps you are interested in painting, but you don’t have the money to fund the equipment that you’ll need. Maybe you have to put your cinematography dream at halt to study another degree in college. Or perhaps you can’t seem to feel inspired to write your travel book because you’re always stuck at home. 

And more than external hindrances, you could be the one who is having a hard time feeling creative. Is it the lack of inspiration? Or maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start since you’re not sure about your interests? 

Doubting yourself before trying a talent or skill is also a well-known killer of creativity. You’re not giving yourself the chance to discover a side of you because you immediately think you’ll fail, and it’ll be a waste of time and effort. 

I know that it’s hard to let go of your judgments because you also have to be realistic. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but not all people will have practical use of their chosen activity. But I want to remind you that you want to do those activities for yourself. Not for fame or money, but instead, as a distinctive skill that is unique to you. More often, we are so focused on the outcomes and not with the experience. 

If you’re doubting yourself if you’ll like what you’ll do or get after finishing, it’s time to remind yourself that you’ll win no matter what. If you fail, the experience still gives you a lesson to improve for the next time. 

How to Reignite Your Passion for Creativity

If you found yourself nodding along with the first part of this article, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get in touch with your creative self anymore. Personally, I think that I feel the most inspired if I don’t see my projects as chores. If you feel pressured and annoyed with a task, you won’t enjoy doing it.

You don’t have to rush to be a pro immediately in your chosen task. Do you wanna try sculpture? Make sure you have a clear mind on what you want to learn first. Forget the pros and the well-known artists. Focus on yourself first. 

However, you can still view other people’s works to spark an idea of your own. You can use other people as an inspiration, but never as a competition. If their techniques don’t work for you, then find a new approach. Perhaps listening to music while you paint is distracting for you, and you’ll feel more inspired just painting in a quiet room. 

If you’re one of those people who’s better procrastinating, then so be it. You don’t have to follow the norms or trends because that’s the beauty of creativity. Maybe you need to slowly ease yourself in the activity first. 

For example, the last time I painted was back in college. I still have a gist on what I want to do, but I feel odd holding the brush after so many years of not doing it. And what did I do? I decided to redesign my patio instead! Deck paints like these have a different feel to them compared to what I’m used to, but the activity keeps me moving. I don’t feel pressured if I feel blocked in front of a blank canvas because I’m just painting my walls. 

What I want you to take from this is that you should enjoy yourself first. That’s the good thing about creativity because it has no rules. You don’t have to stay inside a box and follow a set of instructions. In fact, it improves your focus better if you have taken breaks in between a project. It can be a simple 20-minute snack before coming back to the computer to write. You’ll feel more pleased with your results, too because they aren’t rushed and done halfheartedly. 

How to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

You could skip most of this writeup and just focus on these two words: keep going. That’s it, just keep going no matter what. You might have your brows raised because you’re here to find a magic equation to reignite and keep your passion for creativity. However, the main idea here is that you should never get stagnant.

But to clarify, when I say keep working, I do not mean that you should skip sleeping and eating. As I have mentioned earlier, take breaks and breathe to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s like driving towards somewhere far. During the drive, you’ll need to shift gears and take breaks in stops, in order to feel comfortable throughout the ride. You might need to change techniques or activities throughout, but the point is you’re still moving, and that’s all you’ll need.

If you want or need to try another creative activity, then go ahead. Even if it’s something easier or totally unrelated, that’s good too. If painting the deck does not ignite your creativity as I did, maybe you can put down the pen and try cooking instead. You’ll be surprised that doing something completely different will inspire you in great ways. 

The reason behind this is because you’re allowing yourself to know more about you. Mindfulness itself is already powerful enough to reduce stress and worries that are stopping you from reaching your potential. These moments where you do something else or when you take a break aren’t procrastination. Instead, they are like internal refreshers. Think of yourself as a phone, maybe you need to “clear your cache” so you’ll work better. 

Overall, your passion for creativity will never run dry. Life has a way of making us only notice the mundane, and focusing on that will leave us feeling uninspired. However, you should always keep going until you find a spark. It doesn’t have to turn into a huge fire immediately because what’s important is the beginning is in your hands.