Whether you are a manager of a company or an entrepreneur in the making, if you are on a path of career development, you have to maintain one crucial thing. You must keep your momentum going.

Reinvention is a long process, bound to have ups and downs. It is perfectly normal to lose your energy, enthusiasm, and momentum at times. We are prone to doubt ourselves and to raise difficult questions. “What if I fail? Is it worth it? Do I have what it takes? Will it make any difference at all?”.

Everyone has these kinds of doubts about their capabilities, but the decision to push through their fears and insecurities can gave them the strength and momentum to reach their dreams. In this sense, I have one piece of advice for you: behave like the person you want to be. Act as if nothing can stop you, because nothing can.

Why is that? The answer is simple. To keep the momentum going once you get the ball rolling is to simply keep moving. The longer you keep moving – the more powerful the momentum, which will make you unstoppable on your dream path.

If by any chance you get stuck, stick to these bits of advice and ideas to put your momentum back on track.

Write your goals down for clarity

Reinventing is a complex process that requires persistence. Look for simplicity by writing your goals somewhere you can see them daily. Break them down into priority categories for each day, week, or month. Hang these goals on your computer screen, doors in your office or house, or put them as your screen saver on your phone.

Sometimes the best way to gain clarity and clear your head is to step away for a while and rest. Take a walk or spend some quality time with your loved ones. Clearing emotional clutter can do wonders for you when you are lacking momentum. A rested mind can generate some new ideas and perspectives. Just be sure to keep working on your goals.    

Reach your goal by achieving a series of breakthroughs.

Set minor goals on the road to your final one. Tiny breakthroughs will motivate you to keep pushing forward and thus keep the momentum going. Do it again and again until you reach your desired goal. This process is likely to be challenging at times, but it is your path to eventual success. Occasionally you need to adjust the goals and action steps.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Be aware of negative thoughts

People are prone to self-doubt, overanalyzing, and impatience. Negative thoughts will occur every now and then, but being aware of them is half the battle. Once you tell yourself to snap out of it, use some positive affirmations to reassure yourself. More importantly, believe it! Focus your energy on the goal in front of you and work at your own pace. Remember, the most important thing is to just keep moving forward. Making progress makes us happier. It is simply our nature. And happy feelings spark creativity.

Don’t try to reach perfection

Avoid perfectionism because you may become frustrated as you try to find the right moment. Sometimes there is never a “right” moment to do something. If you follow the advice listed above regarding writing your goals down, you will notice some small wins in your process. In every transformation, there are many ways in which you will reach progress. Recognizing those newly acquired strengths will spark your motivation and bring new energy to your momentum.

Reward yourself

If you have ventured on the path of reinvention, kudos! You deserve to celebrate. Do something for yourself, enjoy the little things, and fill yourself up with positive energy to stay pumped on your new path to success.

Bonus: 30/30 Rule

Jodi and Jason W. Womack, the couple who wrote “Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck,” have a solution for anyone who wants to create momentum in life.

The Womacks explained their 30/30 rule – devoting 30 minutes of your day to focus on where you want to be in 30 days. They explained that the best way to create momentum in life is to establish firm, clear mini-goals that will achieve the bigger goals more quickly. That means spending a small portion of time every day thinking about the big goal down the road rather than letting it sneak up on you.

You can also take a one-year goal, and break it into 12 monthly goals, explained the Womacks. When the time comes to check your progress on the next month’s goal, try to schedule two or four of those 30/30 Rule blocks each month to work on that.

Ready for your journey to begin? Follow these “rules” and be persistent. You can make it!