Its been a year now, I am still finding my groom on the matrimonial site. I never thought I’d choose this way to find my man. I always dreamt, like any typical Indian girl, that my perfect man will come in front of me, just like a heroic entry in the films. I am a short-heighted girl, nevertheless, I got validations from others for looking cute and beautiful. This validation gave me guts to feel like a princess (!?!)

Life is like a Giant-wheel. It gives you all the feelings like goosebumps, thrills, fun, guilt, fear, happiness. It takes you higher and pulls you down suddenly. I am no more a typical dreamy girl waiting for my prince, but I am focused on creating my future responsibly. Passing the ages, and turning from a Girl to a Woman, I’ve reached the stage of sharing my life with the potential partner.
I enrolled myself for some matrimonial sites thinking that I will select him rather than he choosing me. I rejected few profiles for their looks, age, lifestyle and behavior. Apparently, I liked few of the profiles, sent an invitation and just waited for a conversation. And guess what? I was rejected, once, twice, thrice and more times! This was a blow on my face. I considered myself capable enough and maybe that made me self-centered thinking I can reject a person but no one can reject me for anything. However, I was being rejected for my height, caste or for someone getting a better profile than mine. Initially, it was a hard pill to swallow.
On reflection, I feel that it takes time to remain calm inspite of many rejections. The most important lesson out of this is you cannot consider and take other’s validations for granted. What is important is how you feel about yourself no matter how your size, shape, color, behavior and looks are. You don’t need others to tell your worth. And you know what? Rejections are really good for life. It is a deep dive for self-realisations and a challenge to understand what others told you who you are and if it was really true.
Rejections have enlightened me for being patient and optimistic. I know that the universe will do the right thing for me at the right time. Till then, Happy Rejection!