The measure of nation’s prosperity and growth depends upon the degree of literacy and education the people of nation possess. More the literacy rate of the nation more prosperity it brings to the nation. The countries need to invest more in their education system to get a reputable position in the world. Most of the third world countries are falling depression because they do not have skilled and educated human resource. They have to import skillful human resource for their industries which eventually made their balance of payment negative. More educated society means that nation is self-sufficient in their need of skillful human resource and they resultantly do not have to invest on importing necessary resources.

Good education level also encourages and develops the skill of innovation. The person of one owns country know the problems they are in and knows the resources that are available to the country. Through this knowledge, residents of a country can innovate many things which are useful for the people of the country and may create new industries and fields in the country. Education does not only benefits the nation materially but also reap moral benefits. Educated societies know their values and norms, and they do strive to follow the legit rules and laws of the country which are also formed by educated persons like them. This creates a sense of respect for the laws of the country, and every member of the society becomes the guardian of the law. This eventually brings peace in the region.

Education also made person which high morals and values, and it prevents the person do something unethical and unacceptable to the society. Many educationists believe that education broadens the person’s mind and he will then more open-heartedly perceives other’s point of view and belief. It is witnessed in low educational society people are not agreed to accept the views and beliefs of other people who contradict their view and belief. This spreads hatred and hostility in the behavior of the citizens of same region and country.  Moreover, education eliminates the most widely spread problem of the world i.e. discrimination by race, religion, gender, color, and status. When all the people in the society is educated and shares same intellectual level it automatically creates a harmony among them. As there is no point left on who is better or not. Although the competition of being better is then associated with the level of education one, have. This directly benefits the nation itself as everyone strives to get more knowledge than other to be better and smarter.

Furthermore, through enrichment of education people will be more adaptive to change and they will not fear to take a risk and try new things which eventually develop themselves as good human and consequently increase the pace of growth of the nation. Conclusively nation-building in correlated with the level of education; more will be the education more will the nation build and marks clear position in the world. However, the nation must seek to develop their education and should invest a substantial portion of their resources to education.