An external force comes and extends our distance between us, you can call it coronavirus,  and depending upon the extent to which we are good to each other, we can come closer. To the extent we are not good to each other, we cannot come close. It informs us that our advancements are not the proper connection and closes down everything we have developed in trade, industry, tourism, all which we thought was alive. Only to discover the external form where we criticize one another is a result of our own inner connection or lack of ability to internally come closer to each other.  Where on the inside we completely disregard others, don’t want to be close to each other. We are speaking about relations between all nations and people, externally we travel together and do things as they are normal, yet internally we are distant and despise. 

In order to correct this, we have to correct our relationships from inside each one and together, then according to our connected relationships, we can come closer.  So this coronavirus is one of the examples, one of the actions of how nature influences us by telling us to move away like a mother tells her child. Accordingly the mother measures the connection with the other children and gives a response accordingly. We have reached a state where we have become liars toward each other and we use others without paying any attention to our inner closeness, our inner truth.  

Our inner truth is what reflects and takes precedence.  So until we truly change our heart towards true connection with each other, starting the process to reconnect with each other by being arranged, each from within our heart will we be allowed to do this.  Even the slightest connection over potential hatred between people is enough to fight feelings of rejection, loneliness, it enhances the dynamics between people, and will heal people, even whole nations.

Through the pattern of the line of growth we begin as an infant, we grow and eventually learn how to be independent and even become parents ourselves, moving through the relationships of the world eventually until we leave the world. The same pattern comes as a result of the upper spiritual roots, being born from its conception through the state of nursing, continually growing and advancing until all is removed from before us via what we call as death.  We don’t see this, yet the laws of existence move around us regardless of our comprehension of them.  

We actually need through internal closeness to reach external closeness, everything emanates from within the heart, that the heart and mouth are equal. The heart will direct us to the measure which we have to be close or distant from one another corporeally, as we see exemplified by coronavirus. 

There are those of us which don’t like physical contact and there are those which must have it, what do we do in a state where any kind of physical contact is forbidden? For those that really need physical connection, we have to be re-educated on how to reach a state where we can get a hug, feel physical closeness with others through the virtual realm, for it to be to their benefit, the benefit of others. A state where everything which we begin ends in love.  This is the correction which will return us to balance with the law of Nature, thus revealing the healing for all.  The remedy is in the affliction, we are given all the tools we require in advance.

We have to think about how to do this as the physical things remain to maneuver through, these  reflections come to us from the upper mechanism as the pattern of such relations between souls. How they should be as compared to how they truly are from inside the collective hearts.

We will advance to the place where together, we will simply know what we have to do, what kind of inner state we have to reach so that the system will allow us to be close to each other and that it won’t matter on which levels or degrees of closeness as all will be equal. Every fluid, every flow always seeks to settle in its lowest place before rising, this is where we are. The whole of reality exists outside of us, inside is all of our desires we depict within this perception of reality, all the degrees of attainment as depicted by the balance of Nature.  All is given so we will achieve a balanced state of reality, that which we measure between all of us.

But no matter what, there has to be the development of love, so on the way to correct ourselves and loving another as our self, in this we will reach a state where every connection between us, the closeness between us, will be a result of the instruction and the order of the heart. The measure to which I can be physically close to someone else, is by the measure of love that we acquire toward each other, each from within their heart.  We must correct the gap in our relationships, arranging ourselves so that we can develop a good attitude toward others that we may be in contact with that person, if not then we deserve to live in a remote place. Because by the reflection of character it’s better to be separated than to harm others or nature. 

Through nature more complex viruses will begin to show how close or distant we can be in relation to everyone. Today we have to develop love for one another as yourself, and how do we develop this not only towards the ones that we do like but towards the ones that we don’t like?  What kind of inner senses must we develop?   As a result of being one system, one humanity, one general process, every action within it influences the others, therefore as we each love from within so do others. 

When we come closer to one another we perform inner corrections by this, the external closeness only seems to be in closeness until we truly seek to hug as one man with one heart.  Then the truth is revealed from within, reflected to the external as a coronavirus showing us we really truly are not as one man with one heart yet,  It came to show us what we must correct next to reach this state of love. That all of humanity will seek to find this state together, not that we will all be in some perfect place but that we will all be in the flow of movement on this path each in their own details, together.  

Through this process all of humanity can become one, perceiving the upper force of Nature that clothes within us, elevating us to the whole and complete Eternal degree. In order to advance towards this I have to build a warm attitude from myself towards others. How to do this when I can’t physically even come close?  

When I look at you physically I feel no fondness toward you and this is also how you look at me, we don’t see people’s internality we only see their externality. There are forms and shapes of people that I’m not used to so I don’t even understand them. In such a reality under the current conditions of coronavirus how can I give someone a warm attitude? We have to direct our heart towards others so strongly in loving kindness, so directly that they will feel it, even though they don’t see me, that they only see me from afar. True love emanates from within, that we will hug internally, feel each other’s hearts, feel each other’s thoughts and that this would be enough.  We see the example at the beginning of a relationship when there are many hugs, but later the hugs decrease. Same with children and their parents, the hugs decrease as well as the children grow.  

We have been distanced by the coronavirus on purpose so that we will have to learn how to work on directing our heart toward others that without even physically connecting with them they will feel our love.   Not even referencing connection through phone calls as this is also physical contact. We are speaking about connection through feelings, emotions and desiring to influence someone from deep within so that they will feel that I love them. That I hug them, that I want to be close to them, not just physically, but internally, eternally and emotionally.   As we each learn how to connect in such a manner for the benefit of the others, then our thoughts and emotions influence all in a positive way, gradually we enter the heart, and the whole body moves together in balance, as depicted by the dance of true love.

To begin working with this exercise we have to progressively develop our attitude, our feelings toward others, for this we have to connect between us in physical groups that speak about this. In these groups not that we necessarily have to hug or have a physical connection in order to influence each other, we just need to create circles of connection, which progressively reach outwards. These groups of circles don’t have to be physical in terms of being together in one room or one table, virtual works well. The importance is that we simply pass on to each other the form of our developmental examples, internally viewing each participant as good and important contributors above all our seeming differences.  This integrality emanates from within each one and the collective, this is the education platform we are revealing to enter here and now.  Together.