The office chair is an often overlooked piece of furniture when it comes to spending extra money for comfort and support; however, it should most definitely not to be overlooked!

If you work in an office, as a gamer, or any other type of profession that requires you to sit at a table/desk for a significant part of your workday, you should consider an office massage chair to take the place of the standard office chair.

These are also a great option to provide you with extra support and comfort while you spend so much time sitting at your desk. Sitting for long periods can be just as, if not more so taxing on your body than standing all day.

Some studies report on how sitting puts more pressure on the upper body rather than standing, which relieves the pressure to the upper back.

When I consulted with massage chair expert Bella Hardy of, she pointed out: “The most apparent solution to ease the stress from sitting for long periods would be to attempt to stand more, but unfortunately, standing vs. sitting is not an option for certain professionals or individuals”.

That’s why these types of chairs are a great option to provide some relief and relaxation to anyone’s strained back!

Unlike the traditional massage chair, one specially made for the office is less bulky and generally looks like a regular office chair. Even though you may want the extra option of massage for your chair, you also most likely do not want to sacrifice the most basic functions that you would expect your office chair to perform.

A chair must be easy to maneuver, lightweight, and sleek in design so that it can maintain the functionality that one would expect to come with a chair for their office.

Functionality and form are usually the main concerns for individuals when choosing a chair. Most people expect their chairs to have wheels that allow he or she to move to and from different workspaces with ease.

Professionals who sit in an office chair expect that their office chair will fit well in a cramped office space just as it would in an office that is free of space limitations. Most people ordinarily look for a classic design when it comes to the form of an office chair.

They want a chair that is durable and long-lasting in appearance and action! An office chair that is bulky, heavy, difficult to move around, and outdated is the last thing you would want in your office/workspace!

An office massage chair customarily looks just like an ordinary office chair.

They can come equipped with armrests and wheels. Some also offer the option for heat settings to accompany your massage. The massage and heat settings are typically controlled through a handheld remote that may or may not be physically attached to the chair itself. If you happen to be a professional gamer, there are even chairs that are designed to custom fit the needs of a player.

These look a little less conventional compared to the usual office chair design because they are designed to mold to your body more and offer maximum comfort as well as a massage option.

You don’t have just to be a gamer to use this version of the office massage chair, and any professional would benefit from the extra padding and the way it fits more closely to the body shape, along with the benefit of the built-in massage capabilities.

Some of the advantages of having an office massage chair instead of a regular office chair that does not offer the option of massage are:

  • It provides a gentle massage which can be a significant source of relief for stiff muscles or chronic back pain that is commonly associated with sitting for long periods.
  • The office massage chair can also provide you with mental as well as physical relief.
  • There is often added padding to accommodate the mechanics associated with the massage chair functions, which is a bonus of comfort even when the massage functions are not in use!
  • The extra back and lumbar support will do wonders for the way you feel at the end of the day, after sitting for eight-plus hours.
  • Sometimes, they may even come with massage options for the upper legs which can help improve circulation. Improved circulation in the legs is a must for anyone who sits for long periods.
  • It can also lead to enhanced productivity during your workday because of the way a massage can ease mental stress, induce mental relaxation, and improve concentration!
  • It can lead to better posture because of the typical high back design and resulting natural inclination to lean straight back in the chair to feel the massage.

Purchasing a massage chair for your office is an investment compared to buying a typical office chair; however, if you sit for long periods, the benefits to having a once of these chairs should far outweigh the costs. You should do your research and read plenty of reviews before you decide to purchase once.

Most chairs do not come with the option for deep kneading massages like the Shiatsu Massage technique. Often, the chair offers more of a strong vibration versus a kneading massage, but the benefits and positive effects are all the same.

The best option for a massage in the office would be for your boss to hire a private masseuse for all the employees to utilize. Sadly, that may not be an option for most offices or workplaces, but a massage chair can give you many, if not all, of the same benefits you would gain from getting an actual massage.

The compact and versatile nature of most of these chairs makes them a great addition to any work environment where sitting is necessary.

 And although they are generally more expensive than the typical office chair, they are not usually priced so high that the average income earning individual could not make room for it in their budget!


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