Have you ever set a goal for yourself? Or had a dream you wanted to realize? If you are like most of us, you might have started out full speed ahead, but then slowly lost some of that drive and had trouble getting motivated again. The truth of the matter is that refocusing and starting over in your journey is possible. My goal is to empower every human to discover that the Win is always Within; that you hold all of the answers right inside of you. Once you learn to discover this Victorious Spirit, and integrate the “Win Within” principle into your life, you will have the confidence to bypass obstacles and move closer to your goals every day. With the right approach, pursuing those dreams is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Understand that you are hardwired to be successful. Inside each one of us lays the victorious drive for success; it is only a matter of believing and releasing that spirit.

Step 2: Develop a personal mission statement. This will define your beliefs, values, and your purpose as it relates to your end goal. Developing this mission statement is critical in turning your dreams into your reality.

Step 3: Create a plan to reach your goal. Map out the steps you will take and how you will arrive at the final destination. As you execute this plan, keep your focus on the elements of the Big 5 (below)- which will help drive you to capture your victorious spirit!

The Big 5

You are what you eat, drink, think, and do: Everything you take in, both physically and mentally, becomes a part of you and influences your spirit. Sticking to a healthy, nutritious diet and being alert of keeping your thoughts and actions positive, will give you the confident energy to drive forward.

Be optimistic and positive in every interaction and thought. It’s quite simple – we attract the energy that we give off. By choosing to react positively in every situation, no matter what it entails, we will automatically attract more constructive and encouraging energy.

Look for new discoveries and adventures that are fun and exciting. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to experience something new. In order to grow, we have to continuously reach outside our comfort zone and bypass our personal barriers.

Develop your team of friends and family. Choose to surround yourself with those who believe in you and emit a healthy energy. Family and friends can serve as your strongest support system, to encourage and motivate you when you need it most. And you can do the same for them. 

Always conduct yourself with the highest character. Displaying exceptional character, even in the face of adversity, is a key factor that makes others believe in you. Developing and sharing remarkable character will give your self-esteem a boost and keep the victorious spirit lit within you.

Remember, the one habit that can transform your life the most is staying optimistic and positive, even in the most undesirable situations. Though it may feel tricky at first, learning to embrace this positivity and let it radiate out of you will be transformative not only to your life, but the lives of people around you. Feelings of positivity are contagious, and when you whole-heartedly emit this spirit, others will follow your lead and you will be happily surprised to see that nothing can bring you down. That how you react makes all of the difference and maintaining an “I can…I will” attitude and believing that everything is possible will bring you much closer to your dreams. Adopting a “win-win” strategy will be your motivation and inspiration to keep going and directly towards unleashing the win within you!