How does climate change make you feel? Podcasts, newsletters and free online courses to positively shift your focus towards innovation and action in fashion sustainability

Have you experienced it yet?

There are days when I look at my kids and I suddenly get washed off by a wave of grief and responsibility over climate change. What conditions will they and their children live in? The seemingly irreversible state in which we are leaving the planet to our future generations makes me feel helpless, angry, vulnerable, apprehensive.

Yet, they do say that this “fear of environmental doom” is actually a healthy and rational reaction to the state of climate. That’s some comfort, but helps only so much.

What took me even further down the rabbit hole lately is the fashion sustainability project I’ve been almost fully dedicated to. I’ve been reading a lot. Some content I’ve come across was a painful, but necessary read.

I have also discovered several true ‘digital pearls’ that make me feel more hopeful about the situation and my role in it.

Do give them a go. Knowledge is power.


Positive news to get you out of the climate-worry gloom, celebrating the booming innovation that is taking place right now.

In Good Hands, a reassuring show featuring the businesses and founders taking on the climate problem set. Through these conversations, the hosts showcase the most promising solutions being engineered and introduced today.

Getting in the Loop, a weekly circular economy podcast for circular economy pioneers dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society.


Mastering a topic makes us focus on its concrete problems and solutions. As consequence, it leaves us feeling less overwhelmed. To get you going, here are two superb free online courses.

The free course, “Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World” by Kering and London College of Fashion. It is an introduction to issues, agendas and contexts relating to fashion and sustainability in a changing world. Brought to you by two ‘institutions’ of the fashion world.

The free course, “The Age of Sustainable Development” from Columbia University on Coursera. It gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development — that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.


Subscribe to your weekly dose of sustainability. These two will keep you on top of how much actually does go on in fashion sustainability, as well as provide you with some powerful deep dives. All that, without shameful self-promotion*.

GoBlue, a weekly digest of fashion sustainability news. Each of us lives in our own information bubble and oftentimes the full picture eludes us. This brilliant format shows you how much actually does go on each week in fashion sustainability (you’d be surprised!).

Circular weekly by GreenBizz Group, which brings insights and research about innovation in sustainability. It is well presented, top-quality info dosed to the right measure. On top, they occasionally offer very good complimentary reports.


Here are a few other ideas to spark your thoughts and actions:

Fashion Revolution’s actions for positive change

The ten-item wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott | TEDxStGeorge

The Guardian: 50 simple ways to make your life greener and save the planet


*A disclaimer: these are not affiliate links. No one on this list is paying me for the mention.

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