One of the most common way is to defend when people face any situation never faced before. This makes us believe that we are through it and leads to common mistakes.

Remember when you fall sick from common cold or fever, it takes some good amount of time to recover and you body does it all. It does through some help from doctors along with its own mechanism of making immune system aware of what’s coming in future. One of the best example is deadly chicken pox. Once in lifetime and it is never gonna meet you. Rarely, some people might meet it at their late stages and not to be scared of. This correlation is important to understand what is happening with you and why it is happening in your life. Like our body sees first time the foreign microorganisms and slowly finds way to understand, fight back in a calm way, rather than clearing everything in one go. Take some deep breath and relax when you think you are too much into something. Let it be work, study or relation. Too much of anything is going to destroy you. When things happen around you that you are facing for the first time. It is THE best to remain calm and quiet. Watch silently what it is doing. A thorough obervation will lead to understand the problem or situation better. Rather than just trying to reach banks of swimming pool when you are in for first time, learn swimming through coordination of your hand and body. This is called learning. We all are learning and it never stops. There is a saying, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.’ For the record, adversity has better options and ground on other side. You have to decide, you want to test the adverse conditions on you or not.

We as human beings have seen worse times and have gone through lot harder times. We now as a world face so many different problems like clean drinking water, healthy household, faith on one other, hunger, education. Likewise, we personally have so many situations. Let’s not call it as problem. Nothing is problem, if you think carefully. These all situations make you stronger and better. Learn from everyday life, like you learnt while in schools and alomst never complained. We just have to remain calm and notice the chance we got here to learn better and better. Many people crave for this chance and are simply vanishing from this living world without thinking about second thought.

When you are depressed or shattered at something, just sit alone and make yourself comfortable along with nature. Rain, clouds, trees, river, mountains and so many uncountable elements are there to calm you down and make you understand life better. We get excited when we see lovely mountains. Isn’t it? This is nature and it will calm you down and forecast better days when you train along side nature. We should keep our minds open and engaged though eyes of nature. It is so silent and does everything so calmly. So many lessons to learn from each of its elements.

Parents understand their children while they grow up and make a well nurtured contributing boy or girl for the society. Many parents sacrifice on their own wish and selfishness. This has created better society with people contributing for science, arts and humanity. As a whole, we all should think for better society and find solutions to arising situation. What can we do? As a student, employee or a teenager, many people think they can’t do which will implicate some betterness in society. Negative. WE can give back more to society, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. This is by observing things around us and helping each other if we can. Instead of ignoring, we can extend our helping hand for uplifiting the people who need help.

And now of course, what you do when you yourself face a situation. Remain calm and watch as it happens with you. It is never going to kill you and you will learn something as you used to learn in school. Pressure and difficult times produce better results over time. It is not just true for non living things like carbon transforming into diamond. It is true in context of facing difficult times in life. When you go through some so called ‘bad times’ or ‘boring phases’, as social media has grown its territory, you can remain silent.

Go for morning jogging sessions and evening walks. Watch the nature changing course on daily basis. Watch how the leaves start to fall and turn pale without bothering anyone. When summer arrives again, the trees slowly give back with new leaves contributing to nature. They don’t curse nature for devastating them out of leaves during previous winter. Watch out for betterness nad contribute good things. We all can and should do in some ways.