RememBar, a new collection of well-engineered fine jewelry and modern heirlooms help individuals stay connected with their loved ones who have passed away. Founder Jennifer Graziano, a fourth-generation funeral director, teamed up with a former Tiffany & Co. designer; her inspiration came from drawing designs on Post-it notes, using her daughter’s crayons and colored pencils and adapted her funeral industry knowledge to meet a need in the jewelry business.

Featuring a modern and minimalistic aesthetic that is elegant and timeless, each RememBar piece features a hollowed-out bar designed to hold a memento of a loved one, including cremated remains, a small lock of hair, or a favorite scent.Each piece has a screw closure that can only open with a custom screwdriver, ensuring the memento is safely and permanently contained.

Graziano says, “This country is grappling with over 500,000 lives lost during the pandemic. We work to tailor funerals so that they reflect the life that was lived. I saw cremation rates rising and memorial jewelry becoming a more sought-after option. However, everything on the market was poorly made and aesthetically unpleasing. There was immediate validation of my idea once Ward Kelvin, the former Tiffany & Co. designer, wanted to work with me in engineering the pieces of this collection.”

Inclusive of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants, each piece is delicately inscribed with the word “remember” on one side, along with a 0.08-carat precious gem birthstone of the descendant on the other. Prices range from $150- $2,050 and are crafted with the highest-quality materials, with each piece being fully customizable and allows for additional engraving.

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RememBar was created by Jennifer Graziano, a 4th generation funeral director from the NY area. Jennifer has had a lifelong passion to help, guide and support those who grieve. She implemented aftercare bereavement support programs within communities as well as created a publication, “Coming of Age”, that helps families have important and sensitive discussions. She has overseen operations of her family’s funeral homes in both NY & CT for over 25 years. In addition, she is an admitted attorney and has also completed courses of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having recognized a void for timeless, elegantly crafted memorial jewelry items, Jennifer sought the expertise of Ward Kelvin, a renowned designer in the field.