Yoga instructor Banafsheh says in the definition of Barracell.

What is Barracell?

As the name implies, barracell is a type of fitness exercise performed on the ground and inspired by ballet. The sport was a combination of Pilates, yoga, strength training, and ballet, and like ballet, it emerged not so long ago (in the 1950s) because Barracell was a great practice for improving the technique of dancers. Thus, it has probably existed since the beginning of ballet, or at least since the seventeenth century, when ballet techniques became more and more sophisticated.

In 1953, Boris Kenyasov, a Russian dancer and French ballet master, founded the sport of barre au “sol in French”. He had a problem: he could not prepare the ballet bars that had to be attached to the wall in time to set up his ballet school in Switzerland.  So he decided to put together a set of ballet moves that could be performed on the ground.

Benefits of Barracell Exercise Isometric movements in Baracel: Strengthens key muscles

Performing barbell movements on the ground forces you to focus on the muscles you want to strengthen. You do not have to hold the barbell bar, maintain balance, or tire yourself with rotational jumps.

In Barracell exercise, you work on your lean and weak muscles by doing isometric exercises.  The focus is only on the muscles that you stretch with the same force.  These movements are called isometric muscle movements.

Holding something like a board is an isometric exercise that involves static muscle contraction, while there is no joint movement. (Static contraction exercises are exercises that do not change the length of the muscle.  They help strengthen muscles.)

Yoga poses are isometric exercises.  These isometric maintenance exercises increase the body’s ability to maintain its posture for a specified period of time.  In ballet, dancers often have to stay in certain positions, such as arabesques or etudes.  Isometric exercises target the core muscles to maintain such postures.

You may not realize how effective isometric movements are because you do not sweat much;  But by stretching the muscles, you can build good physical and mental endurance.

Improving body posture in Barracell exercises 

Lying down and sitting on the floor forces you to adjust your posture and do the exercises correctly.  Also, your body should be exactly on the floor, which makes it impossible to perform incorrect movements.

Barracell exercise and its benefits – body condition correction

Proper alignment is very important in ballet, and Baracel’s unique exercises help dancers find their position, body coordination and flexibility.

Relieve joint stress

Low-intensity exercise reduces the pressure on the knees, buttocks and ankle joints.  Since you do not have to put pressure on the ground, joint tension is relieved.  It is unlikely that you will injure your ankle or knee joints while exercising on the ground.  In case of injury or weakness of the hip and knees, Barracell exercises are the safest option.

You can stretch your legs completely without damaging your joints.  No need to worry about a protruding knee or a broken ankle!  These exercises are also a good option for restoring body shape after a long rest or injury.

Increase flexibility

Stretching is also part of the Barracell exercise program.  Doing stretching exercises helps increase flexibility and range of motion, and improves mobility.  As we age, the muscles tighten, so we must do stretching exercises for the whole body so that we can move easily!

It opens your mind: harmony

Barasel really trains the brain to coordinate.  Your brain has to send different instructions to all parts of the body.  In this way you will learn how to coordinate the movement of the arms with the legs.  For example, moving the arm inward while the legs should move outward requires a lot of concentration.

You will definitely love exercising on the ground because when you are free of weight, you will experience a feeling that you did not stand while exercising!  You can easily focus on your breathing and feel more relaxed while aligning your whole body and increasing your flexibility.

However, barracell exercise can be very challenging, especially when doing isometric exercises.  In this exercise, deep breathing is very important for effective oxygen delivery to the muscles.