The focus of business today has shifted away from just delivering products and services to creating a great overall customer experience. Consumers today are evolving with the change in time and there has been a drastic change in the consumption pattern of people.

A very well known fashion designer Deepthi Ganesh who has completed six years in the industry mentions that throughout her journey in the industry she has seen how consumer’s choices have drastically changed over time and added that this evolution of consumers makes the designers evolve too.

With a flair for fashion, Deepthi did her Masters in Electronics and later moved to London to pursue a career in field that revolved around fancy fabrics. “After studying fashion there, I started my own studio in Hyderabad,” says Deepthi. Hailing from Hyderabad, she has tonnes of rich accomplishments in creating innovative and highly successful designs for several movie actresses, models, and celebrities in her bag.

Being the proud owner of couture – Deepthi Ganesh Label, she has served more than 20,000 clients in the past 5 years in over 15 countries. Talking about the same, Deepthi says, “Even after spending so many years in the fashion industry, it’s the customer and the change in the consumption pattern that has been one of the major reasons for the evolution in the fashion industry. And this change has not only helped them to keep in sync with the ongoing trend but also helps the designers evolve.”

“When I style my customers, I try to make them comfortable and consider their skin tone. Picking out a dress is half the job done, but figuring out how to style it according to the personality is the challenge,” says Deepthi who ensures that the client is also on-board with her selection. Observing the trends these days, she is of the opinion that men are also eager to experiment and not shying away from colours previously thought to be more feminine.

Deepthi Ganesh added saying, “It feels very great when art is appreciated. Every morning, I wake up to a fresh thought of design, that I execute as I rush to the studio. There is ever-bustling joy in creating something new for the demanding market.” The label Deepthi Ganesh is a design house engaged in designing customised garments and distribution of couture, ready-to-wear garment.