Economical survival of any nation demands smooth running normality of daily life; something now so badly disrupted city by city, nation by nation, across the world. The post Coronavirus world of billions workers are now totally in very abnormal realities; working set-ups totally disrupted, global attitudes on almost everything changed, economies altered, mind share shifted, political leadership melted, metamorphosis advanced, fears are on brinks, finances on verge of bankruptcies, emotional endurance on grinders and competency skills tested… our survival clearly depends on our balancing acts of critical thinking and accepting new abnormal.

New survival strategies on upskilling and staying mentally and emotionally fit

Becoming Digitally minded; Everything everywhere in commerce will start from a solid digital base, digital thinking and imagination, no business model will survive without block chain AI+AR+VR and mobilization hence a boom to platform centric economies. Study deeply

Beneficiaries: Those already in complex digital space, outsiders with specials skills but ready to become digital minded on fast track and comfortable in 24x7x365 working models on open to platform economies.

Enemies: Paper based, approval hungry, supervision dependent processing where office politics dominates efficiencies and sluggishness rewarded as steady progress.

Adjustments: Study the differentiations, polish all aspects of your craft apply digital polishing and keep adapting, keep polishing, it will become easier.

Becoming Remote-working-friendly; The age of high quality senior level work via remote working arrived with global bang, deep immersions practiced daily. The centricity of downtown cores will lose their superiority and bring mega shifts in value offerings on office spaces. Reassess new models

Beneficiaries: Excellent performers are working remotely as complex problem solvers skipping complex commuting and independent thinkers opening borderless opportunities. Anywhere or everywhere culture makes remote working new status.

Enemies: Bureaucracies where decorum runs procedures, organizations locked with limited imagination unable to explore the national global growth.

Adjustments: Declare 100 days of remote as test pilot project across the organization; create a new bonus system where new ideas and new leads add to new reward pools

Becoming Robot-whisperer;  The fear of attacked by robots or attacking them angrily for stealing your jobs, now replaced by whispering technologically advanced ideas on automated processing in order.  Mankind was not supposed to do laborious things; transformation from raw ‘manpower’ to ‘mentalpower’ is dramatic and creatively freedom-friendly as future is about mental empowerments. Adapt to brand new thinking.

Beneficiaries: Where automation is faster than rate of change, where lifelong learning deeper as the foundation, where workless future an accepted norm to think better ideas

Enemies: Where incompetency rewarded as established bureaucracy, where silence considered wisdom and where smartness of sorts feared and upskilling a notice of termination.

Adjustments: Create daily sessions on lifelong learning and critical thinking as key topic of day; declare self-discovery basic and complex problems solving a necessity

Becoming Entrepreneurialism-wise; There are those who managed lemonade stands in Kindergarten now hardly require a degree in entrepreneurialism, but those whom missed, self discovery will awaken their talent as if a sleeping giant. Time to break the chains and liberated. Study National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols for digital platform economies and upskilling for innovative excellence and exportability.  Open mind to new out of box ideas.

Beneficiaries: They are the day dreamers, the innovative drifters and crazy developers of ideas, the early risers, late comer to meetings, but happy with difficult challenges and risk takings.

Enemies: Those, whom do not rock the boat, do not speak, do not hear, do not see, just stay on old procedures whatever they are.

Adjustments: Debates on ‘why not’ and long sessions on how make something happen and advanced performance

Becoming Cultural-traveler; there are five continents, 200 nations, 5000 languages, 2000 cultures and millennia of history, the terrains, oceans and animals and all thriving with amazing people. Blessed are those who have open minds and souls. The rest are self imprisoned in their own minds lost in the darkness of their own fears. The borderless world of commerce always need colorfully smart; open to diversity, expressive ideas to bounce in global space with national and global collaborations. Discover a new universe on digital platforms and become global citizen.

 Beneficiaries: The open minded of the post Coronavirus world, the survivors, the immune, the enlightened and knowledgeable appreciative of humanity and planet.

Enemies: The destructive minds, insecure in search of towers of debts and power hungry in need to prove right all the times

Adjustments: Watch 100 Foreign movies, listen to 100 international songs, 100 cuisines and get lost in the world of connectivity

Differentiate, disrupt and optimize as abnormality offers new opportunities so enjoy the ride.
Innovation is bloodstream of disruption to tackle limitless global markets.

mental power in remote working set-ups, mundane work assigned to robots.

Eliminate commuting as inhumane and cubical office work cruel.
how new models will dance on platform economy

Listen to the wind, the heart and your mind
They all are hungry for new ideas and calling you
Act, plan, respond, strive, and learn constantly
Rest is easy

Image: ‘Reopening Life’ by Lucia Pomarico 2020