One study* finds that participants who either had their pets with them or only imagined their pet were able to generate more life goals and have more confidence in their ability to achieve these goals than participants who did not.

Studies also show pets bring kids higher self-esteem, cognitive development, social skills, and that pet owners, in general, are happier and healthier in life. Pets bring higher quality of life, and less anxiety and depression for seniors too.

And with so many people wondering where their motivation has gone—for some, it’s hard to even find the goal let alone to achieve it—if pets are good for goals and just about everything else, hey, maybe try a pet?

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports:

Percent of households owning38.425.42.80.7

And if you happen to be one of the households owning a dog, you may also try looking into each other’s eyes, as studies show that long eye gazing increases oxytocin for dog and dog owner alike, nourishing neural connections associated with regulating fear, stress, social skills, love, empathy, bonding…

*A recent issue of Psychology Today, June 2021, has a lot of really good research, tips, and techniques for clarity, focus, health and well being at work and at home including, of course, drink more water. It’s the little things!

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