illustration: Brain image

Nanyang technological university professors have developed a game that can improve the functionality and problem solving ability of human brain.

Researchers from the Singaporean University said, certain games have an everlasting affect on brain. The process of elimination “last man standing” or “death match” type of game can help a player making the best decision at the last moment.

Researchers have examined over 100 games played by a controlled group of players and noted down their day-by-day change in brain functionality. Those players who played games like “Cut the rope” has developed better problem-solving ability.

The other player who played mostly survival type of game has developed precisive thinking and attention to details. Those players who played puzzle-based games improved their ability to remember things by 10% which is a significant increase in their aptitue ablity.

Furthermore, this research may open doors to further research if humans can also be trained at a very early age to become sharper, and better in adults.