Most don’t consider rest and relaxation as part of their self care and beauty routine. They save it for a special treat or occasion and otherwise tend to neglect it. Our culture often drives the idea of “burning the candle at both ends,” and being “busy” as ideal. No sleep, the juggle.

But winding down and getting rest is as important as taking a daily shower, seeing a physician for your annual health care, eating well or whatever else makes you feel your best. You may be able to go for some time before neglecting rest and relaxation hits you, but if you don’t get enough you run the risk of breaking down and are more likely to burn out.

The key is to incorporate ways to accomplish both in your day-to-day. Even small snippets of chilling out can have benefit. It can help you feel more energized and restored.

  1. Take 10. Whether it’s a walk, a short meditation or prayer session, or saying a few calming words or aspirations, use 10 minutes out of your day to do something that brings a sense of calm and rejuvenation. If you can’t spare 10 minutes at once, aim for a few minutes throughout the day totaling 10. Even if it’s just a matter of closing your eyes and quieting your mind and self. Anything can help.
  2. Mini pamper. Don’t wait until it’s a special time or occasion to treat yourself with something luxurious or that makes you feel calm and centered. A nice hand lotion at your desk in a scent like lavender or chamomile can be micro moment of comfort that can have a big impact. Facial sprays, essential oils, a little peppermint, infused water. Whatever makes you feel cared for.
  3. Fine tune. Noise of all kinds can have a powerful and potent effect on soothing a busy mind or day and alleviating stress. There are a number of sound apps available for smartphones that have everything from gentle rain to white noise. Put that in your ear buds at your desk or play on the stereo in your car as you’re on the go or running errands. Music can also be great for this — piano, soft jazz, etc.
  4. Micro massage. A quick self massage of your shoulders, neck, hands, feet or face is ultra easy to do in a matter of minutes, can get blood circulating, and have other calming effects. You can use a facial or other oil to further add to the experience.
  5. Aromatherapy. Scent can immediately tone down high stress and senses. Lavender and other aromas are notorious for this. Burn a natural wax candle, light incense, room spray, or make your own spray with essential oil and water. If you’re at an office where odors might bother coworkers, you can keep an essential oil in peppermint or other scent and sniff it versus spraying or dispersing.
  6. Hot tea. Hot tea is not just packed with potential health benefits for its ingredients. It can also evoke feelings of rest and relaxation. There are traditional tea types you can make at home or work, or brew your own mix of dried organic herbs — jasmine, lavender, and so on. Turmeric root or ginger grated and put into the tea pot can also work and is ultra delicious.

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