The rightly constructed resume can be the difference between getting an interview and being completely ignored by a company. Women in particular face various issues that can hurt them when building their resumes. To succeed, women must understand these mistakes they could be making with their current resumes.


For a long time, women have been pre-conditioned to tell themselves that they shouldn’t be overconfident or they will look like someone who’s just being braggy. On the other hand, many men take the job hunting experience as a period in which they can oversell as much as possible to get the position they want.

Women must fight back by listing as much of their potential as possible. This includes listing every single position they have had in the past along with the skills they have learned from each of those positions. Selling yourself correctly is crucial when applying for any competitive position.


Selling yourself correctly to businesses can be a small or large hurdle for some. Many though have more difficulty going on and talking about their achievements.

Workplace achievements include awards that women may have been given or certain projects of note someone might have been working on. Women should state their achievements in their resume as it gives businesses a good look into exactly what someone was doing when they had the role they listed in their resume. It also tells a business how much effort someone will be taking if they decided to hire that woman.

No matter the position, women should always be listing their achievements on their resumes.


A good resume shows enough information on achievements and roles someone might have had in the past. However, women should watch out for how bloated a resume can get while being unchecked.

To lessen the bloat on a resume, women should consider paring down their language to only including context on what they did exactly instead of what their team was doing. They should also use more general role names for what they were doing instead of explaining specific roles for each company.

By doing this, women will have enough detail on their resumes to convince employers to give them an interview but not have them gloss over their resumes due to too much information.