We’ve picked out our favourite QI-inspired facts just for you, giving you the chance to amaze your friends at the next big social gathering. Within this cool info you can also see how to take sleep tips in avoiding being the % of people that don’t aid their sleep by doing things that don’t help you sleep!

Technicolour Dream

More than 75 percent of people sleep in colour. This might not be quite surprising, but the figure stood at just 15% in the mid ‘60s. Can you guess the reason for the increase? Well, according to scientists, this is all down to colour televisions, which has made dreams more lucid and vivid!

No-Snore-ious B.I.G

Snoring affects 30 million people in the UK, with 15m regular snorers. Interestingly, the split is quite wide, with 10.5m male snorers compared to just 4.5m wheezers on the female side. The male population don’t just lead in the number of snorers but have been found to be louder snorers than females, too.

“That” falling sensation

Ever get the feeling you’re falling down a hole just as you’re about to nod off? Well, that’s a hypnic jerk – an involuntary muscle spasm you get when you’re just about to sleep and is experienced by approximately 70% of people! Researchers are unaware as to why they occur, but the likelihood of it happening Is said to be increased by heightened stress levels, anxiety, sleep depravity and caffeine levels.  

What about sleepwalking?

We’ve all heard funny stories about sleepwalkers, but it’s actually a bit more common than you may have thought. One in every 50 adults are said to suffer with sleepwalking. This figure hugely increases in children, with one in six said to experience a phase of sleepwalking.

Sleep disrupted by children…

Talking of sleepwalking – does your child regularly find themselves in your bed, or are they suffering from a nightmare and disrupting your sleep? Well, you’re not alone. Apparently64% of UK parents let their kids share their bed at least once a week.

What about pets?

So, 64% of parents let their children share their beds, but how many adults share theirs with their pets? We are a nation of animal lovers, so we’ll share some cute pet pictures while you guess…Article researched by online provider of hybrid mattresses, OTTY: https://otty.com