I was devastated to hear the sad news about Caroline Flack on Saturday. It’s the most I’ve been upset about someone in the public eye passing away. I didn’t ever meet Caroline as such, although she was a speaker at an event, I went to a couple of years ago. She was so warm, down to Earth and smiley, several us said we would have loved her to be our friend.

Caroline was loved and a lovely person You never really know what’s going on in someone’s life. I’ve always thought it is important to treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself and make the world a little brighter.

In this fast-paced world it is very easy to be caught up in your own life, the stress, day to day admin, appointments and chores. We perhaps forget that we are not living our lives in isolation and in fact it is full of interaction with people one way or another. Do you stop to think about how your interaction makes that person feel? Perhaps not. Something we are probably all guilty of at times.

One of the negative aspects of social media is that it allows people to say things to each other that they would never say face to face. Although in my mind, there shouldn’t be a difference in what you say to someone’s face or behind a screen. It has to stop and focus instead on being kind, always.

Kindness is the state of caring about other people’s wellbeing and taking action to help make other people’s lives better and happier.

promote more kindness

I kept thinking that I wanted to do something, help make a difference so we as a society are not kept in this perpetual loop of being wrapped up in our own worlds and not thinking of others. I’ve signed up to a couple of things that I’ll tell you about soon. I also wanted to do something more.

Doesn’t this quote from Caroline Instagram just sum it up?

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Caroline Flack

I want to start a positive movement using social media for good so here’s the Be Kind Challenge. Use a selfie/photo of you. Share one thing you are going to do, to be kind and tag me in it at tina_simplyshine on Instagram. And I then want you to tag three friends, so they continue this. I want to see how long we can keep it going for and how many people it can reach.