The year 2020 has given a new outlook and view related to everything around us, and we call this the new normal. This year we have seen the rise of a deadly virus, the pandemic where people suffered a lot not only physically but also mentally and financially. People had to stay locked up in their homes to prevent corona.  The roads were empty. It gave a morning where there was no traffic or pollution. Everyone fought their own battle, maintaining all the precautions to prevent corona.

Many people lost their jobs, many were depressed and the suicidal rates were high. But, at the same time, it also taught us to have more patience, we could hear the chirping of birds, it gave us hope that the pandemic won’t stay forever. It also gave a new look at the parenting pattern.

Due to lockdown children have to spend all their time with their parents and vice versa. And, we know parenting is not at all an easy job to do, and in this pandemic, it increases even more. 2020 taught was to eliminate the misconceptions about parenting and embrace the new and modified ways. Read to know more.

New Beliefs of Parenting:
As already mentioned that parenting is quite tough, the stress level also increased in this pandemic. So, beliefs or ideas about parenting changed completely and gave a new parenting pattern. Previously, a report stated that people used to spend about 7 hours per day cleaning the house or doing other household work. And, could spend time with their children. But, now about 80% of parents are relying on more professional effort to create a safe, virus-free environment. [Source: Atdoorstep — Renowned service provider]

1) Try to understand your children:
Both parents and children were somewhat forced to stay together 24×7 due to the pandemic. Earlier both used to be very busy doing their things. They couldn’t get much time to spend together. But in this pandemic parents were trying to understand their child, as they might be sad about not being able to go out, or hang out with their friends. Explaining and telling them about the present situation.

2) Talking to other parents:
Earlier it was not necessary to talk to other parents. Now, you, as a parent, can try to collaborate with other parents through virtual mediums to exchange ways, how can they keep their children focused on a particular task. It might be completely new to them and it may also help them to feel less isolated.

3) Interacting with their child’s teacher:
Due to lockdown schools, colleges and all the institutions are closed. The online classes are going on and to know your progress parents have to get into this matter. It’s been a while since parents looked into this matter but lockdown gave them the chance. Teachers know the strength and the weakness of their students which might help them to make a new learning plan. So, as parents, you can help them to learn this new plan.

4) Create a new time table or routine:
When people were leading a normal life it was not that essential, but in this lockdown, people are getting depressed. And, to fight this uncertain situation a proper time table is needed. In this pandemic everything is messed up, a regular time table can bring a sense of normalcy. Parents are helping their child to fight with this uncertain situation, making a general time table that also has some flexibility.

5) To do creative things:
People forgot to be creative in their life. Spending time with family and doing stuff like cooking are gone. People became so busy that they completely forgot their family. But, in today’s scenario, you can say it is a golden opportunity if you use it correctly. Parents are also trying to break the silence between them and their children. They are trying to motivate them to do creative stuff, which might help them to deal with this situation. Hence, the old ways of parenting are coming back but in a new form.

6) Giving extra love and attention:
In this pandemic, the depression rate has reached its highest. Extra love, care and attention are very much-needed for your child. Parents are doing it at their best. Earlier due to busy schedules they couldn’t show love or attention to each other. But, now it’s like a responsibility, to look after each other, to understand each other and fight with this situation together.

7) Eating and cooking together:
Earlier, it was quite difficult to eat together or to spend time together due to work pressure. The parent-child bond was almost missing due to lack of time. But, now they have to stay at home round the clock. They can do all the fun stuff like cooking, eating together, spending maximum time and re-establish their bond. Cooking and eating delicious food is everyone’s favorite thing. You as a parent, try to schedule a time to eat together so that you can talk with your family.

8) Advising about hygiene and safety:
We all know how important it is to maintain hygiene. Previously, parents didn’t have to remind their children about cleanliness because it was a normal situation. But, now as the situation became very uncertain, and we are dealing with this deadly virus, parents are always advising their children about cleanliness. Wash hands, several times, with warm water and soap. Or, using alcohol-based sanitizer, wearing masks and gloves are some basic prevention one should maintain.

9) Doing exercise together:
Nobody thought that a day would come where we have to stay at home. It was almost impossible to do exercise, cooking and gardening like stuff together with your child. To release stress this can be very effective and an opportunity to bond with your child. Most of the children love to do physical activities and if they are doing it with someone, it can be a great stress relief.

10) Doing gardening together:
The idea of parenting completely changed during this pandemic. This pandemic made every parent more concerned about their children. How to help them in this hard time? Parents are finding new ways to interact with their children and gardening is one of the ways. We all know that gardening keeps us healthy and fit, but the realization was during this pandemic. It also tightens the bond between parents and children. Even science proved that gardening is good for us. Gardening can be very helpful in reducing stress and depression.

11) Sleeping problems:
Sleeping problems arise mainly due to stress. Previously, it was quite difficult to know about the small problems that a child was facing. As parents don’t get time, after completing all the household work, or after all the office work. But, now they can. Make sure that your child is going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day.  Give them extra love and concern and ensure them that their parents will be there for them always.

12) Sharing positive experiences:
As parenting patterns change in this lockdown or rather old beliefs are coming back in a new form, one of the ways to keep your children happy and positive is to share one positive experience daily. It will encourage them and boost them up. As parents don’t have much time after doing their job, but now you can try to appreciate the children, to regain their confidence.

The role of parenting is also shifting. You as a parent must be working together to go through these days. Parenting was never an easy job. In this lock-down, all the good beliefs that were almost gone came back — Like family dinner, or family get-together were gone due to lack of time. But, due to this pandemic parents and children have got the time to understand each other. You can take this pandemic as a chance to re-establish their parent-child bond. And, along with that, the unwanted parenting patterns got a new form by the end of 2020.