Nutrition and weight loss rules have become so overcomplicated and daunting, leading most to quit their health journey before they even commit to begin. Wellness resolutions are typically short-lived and stressful, so the pursuit of positive change ironically becomes a yearly cycle of negative feelings and failure. The biggest culprit for derailing weight loss resolutions is overcomplicating nutrition and lacking accountability to stick to one’s goals. Another culprit is feeling overwhelmed with unrealistic weight loss expectations, so it’s best to break down resolutions in 5-day blocks to track short-term successes that then lead to lasting lifestyle improvements.

Certified integrative nutritionist Karina Heinrich says 2020’s resolution goals should be focused on simple and attainable wellness, so forget the last decade of quick-fixes and complicated ratios.

Over the past 16 years, Karina developed The Karina Method’s “High Low Lean No” nutrition rules and “Tough Love” approach for easy eating guidelines and real accountability. The Karina Method’s simple and effective nutritional guidelines have helped people quickly and permanently lose real weight, achieve stronger digestion and gain more energy. Most importantly, it’s easy enough to start up by committing to just 5 days first and then repeat, repeat, repeat until these improved nutrition and wellness habits become ingrained as a long-term healthy lifestyle. 

On The Karina Method, ask yourself if each and every meal and snack meets the clear criteria for “High Low Lean No” nutrition:  

HIGH: Water, fiber and clean carbs (think lots of water, greens, veggies, berries.) 

LOW: Fats (think extra-virgin olive oil, avocado and unsalted nuts and seeds.) 

LEAN: Proteins (think fish, chicken, eggs.) 

NO: Added salt or sugar (we know sugar is a no-no… but salt is a major no, too!) 

Mentally, making behavioral change is not an easy feat. Be prepared to accept some “Tough Love” to finally push yourself to stay committed. Find an accountability partner to help you commit and give you supportive check-ins along your health journey. Karina’s “Tough Love” approach has helped clients stay accountable and mentally strong enough to permanently eliminate bad foods and poor habits. Karina says her HIGH accountability and NO excuses protocol is the necessary complement to her simple “High Low Lean No” nutrition rules, so her Method can successfully support both the mind and body for optimal holistic health.

Quick tips to revolutionize your 2020 wellness resolutions:

  • To start, commit to 5 days and repeat
  • Apply TKM’s simple “High Low Lean No” nutrition rules
  • Reminder: NO salt and NO sugar – key elements for these 5 days 
  • Think veggies and berries and eat ONLY clean carbs during these 5 days 
  • Drink LOTS and lots of water
  • Eat ONLY at mealtime – NO snacking between meals
  • Follow portion guidelines in TKM Plan
  • Apply TKM’s “Tough Love” approach and find an accountability partner
  • Get plenty of exercise: SWEAT
  • Sleep 7+ hours per night 
  • Add grains and additional fruits to your diet when weight goal reached
  • Kickstart your brain and your body into feeling LIGHT for a permanent lifestyle change!  

Follow Karina Heinrich on Instagram @thekarinamethod and download her TKM GUIDES from for step-by-steps on reaching your wellness, health and weight loss goals: TKM Rulebook, TKM Recipes, TKM Desserts, TKM Beauty, and coming soon, TKM Pregnant. 


  • Karina Heinrich


    The Karina Method

    As a Certified Integrative Nutritionist and International Health Coach, Karina Heinrich is dedicated to empowering women and men to be the very best version of themselves - strong, whole and healthy. She is passionate about the mind-body relationship and believes that what you put into your body affects every other aspect of your life. She helps hold her clients accountable to reach their wellness goals efficiently and then build sustainable lasting habits to sustain their transformations. She has achieved major success in helping clients (including Ford models, professional athletes & high profile CEOs) reach optimal wellness and weight loss through her breakthrough nutrition movement, The Karina Method. She regularly appears as a commentator on celebrity wellness trends for E! Network's E! News, as well as Daily Pop. She recently released her TKM Rulebook and TKM Recipes guides, and will be releasing a new guide in January 2020 in time for New Year's resolutions.