“It’s not only about making plans, it’s about having a broad perspective. This is how a visionary is defined.”

Riccardo Lex makes that statement about being a visionary. Many successful businessmen are only focusing on making plans and implementing a strict approach, that it is often forgotten to trust in one’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“Everyone should consider to just go with your gut feeling, when making important decisions. We are often so trapped in our everyday life, that we totally forget that you don’t always need a strict plan. Sometimes, going with your gut feeling and trusting your instincts is all you need.“”

Visions grow out of thoughts and dreams. To call oneself a visionary, you must first ask yourself these questions:

“Are your dreams bigger than your excuses? Are your dreams scaring you a little bit? – If not, they are not big enough. Do you know where you want to be in 10 years?

All these questions are preparing you for what you asked for, Riccardo Lex claims.

“You have to answer these questions honestly to see how far away you are from being a visionary.”

“Not a single day goes by when I don’t broaden my horizon and develop new visions. I think that having great visions is preparing you for everything you have ever wanted. Moreover, it takes a lot of courage to realize your visions and your dreams. Your visions determines your success.”

Riccardo is telling us that our success is depending on our visions. Without great visions it is almost impossible to create a successful business.

“A lot of people have asked me about the key to success. I am telling you, it’s not that complicated. Wake up, be grateful, work on your dreams and never forget to realize your visions! Your dreams and your visions are creating your future.”

All in all, dreaming is an ability children are born with and adults should never forget.