Richard Blankenship says life is full of surprises and unexpected turns just like a roller coaster. We are here on this planet as we bought the ticket for this roller coaster ride called life. We are sure to face ups and downs in life. Unexpected situation in life can come anytime in anyone’s life. The important thing is how you dealt with them. Life is full of hurdles, ups, and downs. You cannot expect to go everything smoothly and adequately all the time.

You should be prepared about unexpected circumstances and know very well that how to handle them without being panic. Remember that with panic, the problems won’t get resolved but may be increased.  As an entrepreneur, unforeseen challenges are going to constitute the bulk of your workdays. It might be something big, like a long-committed employee who decided to quit or a new competitor emerging in your area, or something small, like a deadline that’s getting pushed back due to technical issues. Life is full of unexpected turns and twists.

Some make you frightened as stated above. Sometimes life gifts you with surprises like – an award, or when you shift to a new place, you find an old friend there. We might get many sweet surprises as life unravels itself.  We are better capable of dealing with positive changes. Even though sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

Acknowledge the fact, and learn to accept that surprises and unexpected events are part of life and are unavoidable. When you accept this fact, to some extent, it will be easier to deal whatever happens in your life.Life is dynamic, not static. Change is part of life, and the sooner you acknowledge and accept this fact, the better it would be

Blankenship’s story shares much in common with some of this era’s greatest profiles in entrepreneurship. While some of his classmates coasted to Latin honors, Blankenship spent hours reviewing course material and attending office hours. Though his teammates effortlessly shot under par, Blankenship spent his mornings studying and perfecting his swing. And while some of his peers used their family resources to join the international jet set, Blankenship deployed the resources at his disposal into his businesses.

Blankenship never took the easy path, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Blankenship says, “I saw how some of my friends were going off to Harvard and some of them were getting jobs through family connections, and I knew that I needed to take a different strategy. Even if those opportunities had been open to me, I wouldn’t have been able to take them. I knew that the greatest satisfaction would come from trying to build something special myself – applying my work ethic to the opportunities available to me.”

 “I’ve gotten to where I am because people took a chance on me,” Blankenship commented. “I get a rush from meeting with an entrepreneur and learning about a problem that their product or service solves. As an investor, I get to fund a solution. I’m underwriting value these startups are bringing to their customers.”

Many people hope for the best, but plan for the worst. The problem with this strategy is that we act on our expectations, yet our actions create our experiences. If you want a good outcome, you have to plan for one because that is what leads to the actions that create good experiences. An unexpected event is one you didn’t plan for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan to create the best possible outcome from the situation. We all have the ability to shift our attention from an unexpected event that seems like a big problem and focus instead on finding the solution quoted Richard.

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