Choosing the right wedding band for your husband is a big decision. After all, he will be wearing it for several years to come. There are a huge variety of styles and metals to choose from, so do some researches before you go shopping for men’s rings. Keep in mind that you’ll want to find something suitable for your lifestyle and character, in addition to your budget. For instance, does your husband’s job need him to work with his hands? Then you may want to consider a more durable metal. Is he a casual, no-frills type of guy or does he tend to become trendy? A wedding ring should reflect your partner’s own individuality. These metals are popular choices for wedding rings.


A yellow gold ring is traditional and timeless. If standard gold doesn’t appeal to him, there’s always white gold. Both are durable and highly scratch-resistant. Gold rings can be sized and engraved. White gold’s affordability also makes it a popular choice.


Platinum is much more rare than gold and has a shiny white colour. It is actually the rarest and precious of the valuable metals. A platinum ring will be more expensive; however, its heaviness, density and strength make it an ideal choice for a wedding ring. Platinum rings can be sized.


Titanium is a lightweight yet exceptionally durable metal. For men not used to wearing jewellery, this lightweight ring may feel more comfortable than silver or gold. It’s a medium grey color. Titanium was known for decades for its use in the aeronautics field and has only recently been used in rings. You want to be sure to get the correct size band, as titanium cannot be re-sized.


Tungsten is an extremely hard and durable metal. It resists scratches and won’t bend like precious metals. It is usually greyish-black in colour. Custom tungsten wedding rings are actually made of equal parts tungsten and carbon, a substance called tungsten carbide. Unlike titanium, these rings will be quite heavy in weight. This ring is a favourite for mechanics and carpenters as well as others who work with their hands. Tungsten carbide bands cannot be re-sized.


Palladium is a white glowing metal. Unlike white gold, which will show a tint of yellow over time, palladium is obviously white like platinum and won’t fade. A palladium ring is a less expensive alternative to platinum.

Stainless Steel

This lightweight band has a stylish, contemporary appearance. Stainless steel is white in colour but can be polished to take on different looks.

Sterling silver is actually pure silver blended with copper or other metal to make it more durable. It is one of the softer metals and will get scratched and marked easily. Sterling silver might not be a good option for someone who does lots of manual labour. However, it’s quite affordable. Sterling silver can range from bright white to greyish white and can have a matte or shiny finish.