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 Keep up the entire collection of DVD to MP4 digital file with the first-class WinX DVD Ripper & Handbrake!  Challenge the whole damaged or scratched DVDs with sound ripping that allows efficient conversion of all types of DVD into the digital file.

Along with DVD ripping you may copy the content of DVD to PC with a friendly format to see them on the device of your preference (iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android, IOS, etc).

For DVD to MP4 WinX DVD Ripper and handbrakes are the perfect solutions

Recent investigations reveal that WinX DVDRipper & Handbrake both are the Top rippers that are best for DVD to MP4 conversion.

If you want to see your favorite DVD on the latest device then you may copy it directly while ripping through WinX DVD Ripper. Well, its striking quality includes:

  • Faster DVD ripping without any third medium.
  • No matter you are expert or newbie to rip the DVD, WinX create the excellent result of ripping that not only save your money and time but your important DVD data too. 

Top of all its freeware like Handbrake! If you want to rip protected DVDs directly into the MP4 then WinX DVD Ripper will be the best ever.

Therefore no need to worry at all for the DVD movies or episodes to convert into MP4!

However, for unprotected DVDs, you may use the handbrake. Although its bit slower than WinX but is useful too for DVD to MP4 conversion. As it involves the third party to rip completely, therefore, bit slow but precise and accurate in its functionality.

Best two ways to rip DVDs into digital files

1.    WinX DVD Ripper

2.    Handbrake

How to Use WinX DVD Ripper to Rip DVDs to MP4

DVD ripping software is DVD to digital Ripper that rips discs for Windows Media Player video file or backup on hard drive.

Welcome WinX DVD ripper for its unique kernel and super encoding as well as threading technology to rip DVD to transfer into MP4.  It promises you everlasting ripping with 3x faster than any other ripper. 

Step 1: Insert the DVD and touch the click button of the DVD disc. Along with you may pick the ISO image and folder at the top of the screen as what you want from it. Select the DVD drive and ok it.

Step 2: Select the MP4 as the output format.Like MP4 format it’s extremely functional for other formats as well.

Step 3: After choosing the target format you will click the “run” for the conversion of DVD to MP4.

The best amazing feature among WinX DVD Ripper is that it support GPU hardware acceleration for improved ripping speed to speed up the DVD to conversion.

How to Use Handbrake to rip DVD to MP4

Remarkably ripping is the process of digital extraction (procedure of copying audio/video content from the compact disc or streaming media).

To begin with download Handbrake from the official homepage. Sorry to say handbrake might rip the unsure DVD with the installation of the “libdvdcss”. Later than downloading this file alone as “libdvdcss-2.dll” upholds it in the folder. For Mac, you call to the two times click for its download. Follow by this aim DVD to rip at the same time as opening the handbrake.

Check more tips on how to install libdvdcss to rip DVD with Handbrake>

Hit it off as the source button in the upper left-hand corner chooses the DVD drive. In only some minutes it will scan your DVD.  Again “Title” go down the menu bar to decide on the piece of video to rip.  Subsequently, browse button on the right side of the window to find a way to save your movie file. Enter the file name of your choice after that “ok” it.

On the straight label presets bar is here to go for the format for the file.   Add to it you may well have it as standard or high profile format as a bit device to run your only just ripped DVD.

Killing features of WinX DVD Ripper to heighten your brand responsiveness

•    The faster ripper for DVD. WinX DVD Ripper support GPU hardware acceleration in DVD to digital ripping. That is to say, in the DVD ripping progress, your GPU will share the DVD ripping burden, so that you can spare the work under CPU, and your computer (even for old computer) can do the DVD ripping job.

•    Easier to use. Ripping DVD with handbrake, you need to have more know about the setting, the parameters. But with WinX, you do not need to change the settings, it enables you to rip DVD to MP4 with only three steps.

•    WinX DVD Ripper support more digital formats. – Up to 320+ output video file, like DVD to MP4, DVD to AVI, FLV, MPEG, WMV, MKV, H.264, DVD to iPhone, iPad Android, etc. And Handbrake only support MP4 and MKV.

•    More DVD backup options – WinX DVD Ripper let you have the unique original copy with ISO image output, and DVD to a single MPEG2 copy, while handbrake only support DVD ripping with one title.

•    For all types of discs ripping – Without third parties, WinX can rip Homemade DVD, Commercial DVD, DVD Region Code Enhanced (RCE), User operation prohibition (UOP), Sony ARccOS Protection, Disney DVD — Disney X-project DRM, The Analog Protection System (APS).


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