How mental Health is affecting people’s Life

Mental health is as important as physical health. This aspect is mostly ignored by the person themself and families also. Growing up in Pakistan I noticed people were shy to talk about any issue disturbing them fearing people would give them a nickname” mental case”. I noticed there is lots of awareness going on right now but still we are not there yet. There is a great need to give awareness in people not only in developed but also undeveloped countries too. Mental illness haunts people like an eagle to a Phoenix. My mission is to give awareness to everyone suffering or not so we can help them to rise like a Phoenix after every surging episode. 

There are so many factors contributing towards mental health but the most important is food. The way we eat, what we eat also controls our behaviors. I remember eating fresh fruits and pure organic foods made by my mother and cooking at home during my childhood. Now we and our children eat a variety of foods including junk food and processed foods a lot. A much focused emphasize to the need of eating healthy organic foods to improve not only physical health but  mental health also. It’s very important to find a balance in the healthy eating lifestyle since everybody has a unique code in their bodies. Only your body can tell you what to eat. If you like to eat something (not junk food) refreshing, then add it to your diet routine. There are so many ways to improve mental clarity but I will only tell which I found myself with the years of experience. I was diagnosed with IBS ten years ago and had to go to the ER because my intestine was moving like a snake captured in a bag trying to be free. Then doctors told me to eat more carbs since fiber was irritating my gut. I was eating more leafy green veggies and fruits. I came home and thought about that for days. I did my research and decided to avoid medicines and keep my healthy lifestyle going on. The major change I made was avoiding grains completely. I shrunk tremendously and lost 25 lbs in 3 months without any exercise. I was like wow. My right knee joint was swollen for years and then swelling was gone. After three months I was at a family gathering and I ate some bread and boy I was not able to walk for days. Then I decided to go gluten free completely. I ate rice occasionally when at family gatherings and the rest of the time I just eat my random self created meals. My allergy from eggs was gone also. A WIN WIN situation for me since I have grown up on eggs and love to eat eggs all day long. Since that I started watching what I eat and how I feel after it, I am doing great. 

Second most important factor to watch is stress level. Stress is the cause of all illnesses including physical, mental and emotional. Stress of keeping up with all aspects of life is getting people sick physically and mentally. We have more resources now than ever to destress ourselves. We can use simple techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness. If you are an emotional eater, take 5-10 deep breaths before every meal and then eat. You will feel the difference soon. Practicing Yoga or doing whatever relaxes you. Engage yourself in meaningful activities  like reading, cooking, listening to music, meditating or having a fun time with family and friends. Social media is keeping people connecting worldwide but disconnecting with your family within your own home. We have more expectations from others than thinking about owing our duties to them. We all need to understand how important forgiving and gratitude is, appreciating whatever someone is doing good to you, regardless of how big or small is that. This can make a huge difference in the lives of around you. If we want a happy life, creating a balance is very important so you and your family enjoy life together. Much Love to you all.