Rishi has spent the last decade focused on residential real estate, primarily in the luxury sector, with a strong background in sales and marketing. Upon founding Location Ventures, he set out to create meaningful living experiences in premium locations centered around nature and technology. 

To date, Rishi is responsible for leading the development of a $500 million portfolio including: high-end, custom single-family homes; rehabilitation of multi-family properties; and the development of boutique condominiums. He is also the Managing Partner of URBIN, a company dedicated to co-living, co-working and wellness, and FORUM, an elevated co-working experience with high-touch business services.

He received business degrees in Finance, Marketing and Management from the University of Miami, and is also a non-practicing attorney, having graduated from University of Miami School of Law. 

What is your business and what do you do?

Location Ventures is a Miami-based real estate investment and development firm that integrates a platform of wellness and technology throughout its portfolio. We invest in one-of-a-kind living experiences that make the highest and best use of unique development locations.

What sparked your vision to launch your business? 

My family has been involved in real estate investment and development for nearly 50 years, so I’ve always had an interest in the industry, both on the residential and commercial side. I am very creative by nature and am drawn to the fact that development is so multi-faceted, there is the sales and marketing component, but also design, finance and construction. Launching Location Ventures was a natural step, and we are now a 25-person team. 

What has been your favorite failure and what did you learn?

Not a failure, per se, but one of the biggest challenges I faced at the onset of my career was getting investors on board at the conceptual phase. Understanding how to present a project’s value and impact, while guiding the discussion based on who you are speaking with is a valuable skillset. With each new project we embark on, I am able to further hone my approach. 

What was your most memorable day of your career and why? 

The most memorable moment in my career thus far was launching a new coworking concept, FORUM, and opening in the midst of the pandemic. This has undoubtedly been a challenging time for all but having confidence in our team and the service we were introducing in the market, allowed us to move forward successfully. FORUM has encouraged us to be truly innovative and adapt our offerings to meet the needs of today’s business owners and entrepreneurs. I anticipate even more memorable moments with each project milestone and new partnership. 

How do you continue to learn so you stay ahead in your industry?

I am constantly connecting with like-minded industry thought leaders to exchange ideas and stay ahead of what’s taking place in each market we invest in. I also find that numbers can tell a story, and industry data provides a prediction for the future, and is one of the best tools to identify the needs of consumers. This is particularly true for the wellness space, which is one of our primary focuses. 

What is some bad advice you hear in your industry or with entrepreneurship that people should avoid?

In entrepreneurship, I often hear that all you need is a great idea. While that is an important starting point, you also need the tools to transform that idea into a profitable, sustainable business. This was part of the inspiration behind our co-working concept FORUM. We found that while entrepreneurs have the element of creativity and innovation, many still needed the resources for longevity. By offering on-site business coaching services to provide guidance on incorporating and permits, and accounting support, entrepreneurs can focus on the creative side of their business, with the other integral elements under control. 

Where can readers find you on social media?

Location Ventures Instagram & Facebook: @LocationVentures 

FORUM Instagram & Facebook: @ForumMiami