I knew when I wrote my latest book, Healing the Healer Within: 8 Step to Unleash Your Potential, it was a catalyst to reaching out to Healers across the globe who are inspired to rise up and share their path of navigating through the chaos of today. As a result, I felt literally lead to
Mark Victor Hansen, who too, just released his new book, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, co-authored with his wife Crystal.

I personally have been impacted by COVID-19, and with the power of asking, a miracle was the answer. My father, age 85, who is highly compromised with stage four lung and heart cancer, contracted the virus. Although asymptomatic, the virus took out his lungs completely. The
doctor’s only alternative was to put him on a ventilator until he passed. Yet my dad refused to accept that this was his fate and the only course of action to be taken because he believed he still had a life to live! So, he asked the doctor what other choices he had, and the doctor looked at him and told him he could go home and become a miracle. On that day my father asked to be that miracle. As I write this today, he is now COVID-19 free and called a miracle by that same doctor that believed the only option was a ventilator. My dad’s healing began with him; from within!

Knowing this and never being one to give up or quit, he asked, and he illuminated in the same manner Mark teaches with his metaphor of his infamous purple butterfly. Mark is truly an icon in modeling how to rise above with a renewed 2020 vision, which quickly became evident as we launched into the following dialogue toward breaking free from the
challenges of today. Despite, and because, he has risen from his own personal losses, including recovering from COVID-19 himself, he lives in celebration of the many lives to live within this joyful experience. In hearing his triumph over his battle with the virus, I asked Mark how he is
managing through the pandemic.

Mark notes, “you can’t look at a caterpillar and predict chrysalis or cocoon, and then predict that we’re coming into a butterfly.” He expands on his analogy, “We’re all in the cocoon. Eight billion of us are in this cocoon,” adding that we are all potential butterflies with our unique path of
transformation. “I’m talking at a cellular, mental, and physical level.” That is, that change is a choice for everyone.

Mark notes of obstacles long before and beyond the pandemic including personal challenges, failures, and fears. He shared he, too, has faced hard times adding, “I went bankrupt 1974. I just lost all that money (and felt), I’m at zero, I’m below zero.”

Yet, he then made the decision to revive himself, stating, “You’ve got to build your self-worth. And then your net worth will go up. Right? Your self-worth creates your net worth.” Then adding, “your spirit is what makes you alive”, sharing how he learned he needed to shut off the negative and implode positive messages to revive his spirit, “we call it enlightened or
enlivened, and we’re crystalline.”

Mark teaches that the way to break free from the paralyzing negativity is to ask, exclaiming, “when you ask a question, it opens illumination, it opens solution…” it opens the way to break free from your pain, realizing you heal from within. And then, having the freedom from your pain allows you to reach out to others offering the same insight and healing.

I know Mark’s books come from within, so I asked him how his books express a part of his life story? “I agree with everything you say that life is inside (out) not outside in. And so, what we see out there is a reflection of what’s going on in our own brain…the fact of the matter is that you grow
inside then you can expand outside.” How to do this? Mark’s advice is first, “all of us need to be reading something positive, uplifting and inspiring every day.” Secondly, he suggests sleeping with a pen and paper on your bedside table and every night to “program our mind right before we go to sleep, and with paper and pen to dictate the answer…in-depth to capture down-to-the-minute detail.” Meaning, let the answers in our dreams come to life by writing them down and drawing inspiration from our unconscious
minds, bridging us to our destiny. Mark also adds, “everyone should write their own story, everyone should write a book… to find out who they are. And it refines you, it defines you and it confines you for a while.” Again,
borrowing from his butterfly analogy; “We’re in this cocoon, like I said you can’t look at the caterpillar and predict a butterfly. And this cocoon is, let’s say, it’s God’s gift to us and you say, ‘well show me spiritually with that,” concluding that what confines us, offers an opportunity to metamorphous into our potential, leaving the cocoon and entering into the greatest prosperity. Knowing the cocooning process is the land of uncertainty, as is life during the pandemic, I asked; how do you give people hope? Mark’s quick answer was a reminder that we are not alone as we are all in a transformation process, sharing, “you’ve got to ask yourself, ask others and ask God, right? And all of them are integrated. If you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong result. A lot of people have been living below their privilege, and this is a time in a cocoon. You got to say ‘What if I were to make my dream come true?’ If you’re alive, you got a destiny. Every one of us has got a destiny. There are always going to be challenges… you’ve got to have the courage.”

Thank you, Mark, for your courage, example, and a self-fulfilling prophecy of success in rising above and beyond 2020!