Losing weight, staying in shape, and gaining more energy are goals that most people have. Working out every day or several times a week is an excellent way to reach some of those desired outcomes. However, the problem is that many find it difficult to stick to their workout routine long enough to enjoy lasting results. As a business owner, father, and husband, Robert Assaf understands how challenging it can be to find time in the day to workout. If you can relate to this problem, you might be wondering how to overcome it to keep moving in a positive direction. Luckily, staying on track is easy when you follow the right process.

People are often eager to get fast results when they start working out, but their determination can cause them to push themselves too hard initially, and their efforts will only lead to discouragement. The key is to start slowly and stay focused on your goals. If you are not working out regularly, plan to do light exercise for 10 minutes each day. It might not be much, but it’s easier to work out for 10 minutes than one hour.

Making each workout fun is an excellent way to stay motivated. There are many fitness apps available for your smartphone that will make the process enjoyable. You can follow your schedule and track your progress, and even earn badges and compete with others. In addition to using games, listening to your favorite songs during your workouts will go a long way when it comes to getting in better shape.

When they start a new exercise routine, people often keep their goals to themselves, leaving their friends and family in the dark. Publicly announcing the start of your new lifestyle choice will work wonders for your motivation. Simply announce your fitness goals on your social media accounts, or find a friend who is willing to hold you accountable.

Inspiring yourself to maintain your workout routine is about more than willpower. If you want to achieve any success level, learning how to motivate yourself is an essential step. When you avoid pushing yourself too far, make working out fun and get the support of your friends and family, you will have the best possible odds of getting in the best shape of your life. For more workout tips, head over to Robert Assaf’s blog or connect on LinkedIn!