Knowing what you can control and what you can’t is key to well being and to running a successful business. Lowering expectations can be relieving but doing it without lowering your achievement bar and actually making it play a live productive role in your genuine day to day personal awareness can be daunting at first. But, practice makes perfect; as this business owner gets to be more in charge of her financial affairs.

“I choose to be in control,” explains Holly Schermerhorn, who manages East 22nd Street Associates, two building sites in New York City, from her Bedford, NY location.

Holly enjoys having the freedom to write checks daily, do her own bank reconciliation, and pull up her own reports and projections, using the Quickbooks entry system. “I realize that Robert Rimberg Online is able to interface as much or as little as I need them to, but being hands-on works for me,” she explains. “Some months I need a lot of help and others I need none, but I have saved money because I pay one monthly flat fee.”

She began using Rimberg Online a year ago, after noting how her husband’s monument sales company, CJ Stones, also in Bedford, NY, had profited from the ease-of-use of the online service for over two years. After a quick on-the-phone training session, Holly was handling her company’s books and checking her balances from wherever she happened to be. She was thrilled not to have to worry about security and when she needed help, she says, the Rimberg Online team is always pleasant and easy to work with. “I would absolutely recommend Rimberg Online to any small business that needs bookkeeping help,” Holly adds. “With Rimberg Online, my finance information is all there.”