Robert ‘Rusty’ Tweed has shared multiple strategies for maintaining more energy throughout your day. As in any job, you’re only as successful as you are energetic. This means you will need to maintain your physical vitality and mental enthusiasm by practicing healthy life habits.

The best way to stay focused, energetic, and withstand the competition is to stay healthy. In addition to exercising, eating healthier, getting the right amount of sleep, taking regular breaks, and staying hydrated, Robert Tweed offers five crucial ways to stay healthy and vitalized – even on long, exhausting days for anyone in any career.

Tips For Increased Energy and Better Health

1. Control Your Stress

There may be stressful times in any business, possibly due to a fast-paced environment or maybe the client-facing nature of the industry. One of the best ways to control stress is to prioritize those tasks that bring the most significant value to your business and personal goals. We only have so much energy on any given day.

Learn to prioritize what is essential, delegate what you can, and in all things – be flexible, according to Robert Tweed. Stay on track with any urgent projects, then practice time management with everything else. Good time management is essential to controlling stress during times of excessive workloads.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

This saying is more important than ever in today’s face-paced society. Robert Tweed suggests that people should use every chance they can to put technology to good use. So many administrative and financial tasks can be automated. Even if you choose not to download every helpful app, you can still work smarter and not harder by being highly organized and establishing routines.

Take a close look at how you operate, and you will likely find a lot that can be trimmed. Adjust and streamline any work processes that you can. And believe it or not, multitasking does not equate to efficiency. Stop switching from task to task. Instead, take a breath and finish the job at hand. That’s the only task that needs to get done right now.

3. Eat This, Not That

Robert Tweed has already discussed eating healthy, but several healthy foods may be draining your energy. Eating foods with a low glycemic index (GI) will supply you with more energy to burn and help in weight loss and lower blood sugar levels. During the workday, avoid eating too many carbs like bread, dairy, cereals, and processed foods.

Instead, choose healthy fruits and vegetables along with plenty of low GI foods like eggs, whole-grain products like brown rice, sweet potatoes, spices, fish, chicken, and beef. These foods help you maintain good blood sugar levels, which can help you maintain optimum energy levels.

4. Limit Alcohol Intake

This should go without saying, but sometimes a meeting with an important client may involve lunch or dinner and drinks. Alcohol is a depressant that can zap anyone of their physical energy and mental alertness. In today’s health-conscious environment, you should never feel embarrassed when ordering a non-alcoholic beverage.

5. A Better Way To Drink Coffee

Lastly, Robert Tweed suggests always being careful with coffee intake. Make sure that you don’t over-caffeinate. Instead of a wake-up, you can get a bad case of the jitters. Instead of waking up and getting energized, coffee jitters will cause a rush of physical sensations followed by a sudden crash.

Staying healthy and energetic is one way Robert Tweed says that people can achieve higher success at work. The result is that you will stay responsive to clients and be better able to handle surges in demands. Physical health goes hand-in-hand with mental health and emotional health. So, along with these tips for better health and more energy, remember to be patient with yourself and your clients.