Rohit Tayade

What does it take to succeed? A positive attitude? Well, sure, but that’s hardly enough. The Law of Attraction? The Secret? These ideas might act as spurs to action, but without the action itself, they don’t do much.

Success, however it’s defined, takes action, and taking good and appropriate action takes skills. Some of these skills (not enough, though) are taught in school (not well enough, either), others are taught on the job, and still others we learn from general life experience.

Someone has rightly said ‘The Distance Between Your Dreams And Reality Is Call Action’. Rohit Tayade knew that if he wants to become an entrepreneur at an early age, he has to act now. That is exactly what the engineering student from Pune did. Today, he is one of the youngest Entrepreneurs in the city.

Outstanding performance is one of the keys to success. If you want to be an outstanding performer you need to do three things.  1) Stay at the top of your game by becoming a lifelong learner.  2) Set high goals.  Do whatever it takes to achieve them.  3) Get organized.  Manage your time life and stress well says Rohit. The simplest & most important secrets to success in any discipline is ACTION. Just the simple act of doing. Leadership is essentially nothing more than swift & responsible decision-making that in turn creates consistent action.

Having a dream and being a dreamer are two different mindsets. Dreamers are drifters just floating through life with no real plans. One who has a dream is a doer on the path towards achieving their goal. Once you decide to remove your head from the clouds, tackle the obstacles that face you, and organize a plan of attack, you become a doer.

Rohit Tayade started his own firm called Realownmedia. Today, Realownmedia is one of the most preferred companies that brands and businessmen go to when they have to market or promote their products on the internet.  Rohit Tayade is also a well-known YouTuber. With his videos on channel Rohit Tayade. Rohit talks about Bollywood and gaming; his other two big interests. In very less time, Tayade’s YouTube channel has shown a good growth.  

Rohit Tayade wants to finish his studies soon so that he can start more ventures. He is very happy today with his business and how it’s growing. That has given him the confidence to work more and expand in future. He aims high and is aware that only hard work, patience and determination can take him on that path.