Ronald Hohmann is a tennis enthusiast that spent most of his life training to reach. He creates tennis-related content. Ronald believes that if he puts his mind to a set objective, he is definitely achieving it. It’s not surprising that Ronald won many junior tournaments in tennis, given his commitment to training.

Through his training and his remarkable feat at the Eddie Herr junior tournament, Ronald eventually met and trained with his role model, Gael Monfils. Ronald’s love for tennis was his inspiration, which he was bent on taking to the highest level. And this started with training at a local tennis club. He didn’t lose hope despite starting his tennis career on the losing side. Ronald, very passionate about becoming a full-time tennis player, tells what it implies to be determined. Therefore, he puts in a lot of hard work to have a successful career.

Ronald is an ardent sportsman that spends time seeing sporting events on TV. In fact, he got a black belt in Karate when he was young. Ronald’s Karate engagement taught him discipline and contributed to his drive to be a professional tennis player. With Ronald’s achievement in tennis so far, he could only reference it to his decision to take full-time training in Florida. Based on this, it is essential to note that achieving our life goals may require that we make some strict decisions, including staying away from your family. As difficult as it is for Ronald, he knew that was the best way to advance his career.

An astonishing thing about Ronald’s rise to become a professionally ranked tennis player was he stuck to his childhood dream. Even when he had an injury that forced him out of tennis for many months, he didn’t change his decision to choose a different career path. Ronald got motivation from his parents, given their active participation on his journey. They supported him the best way possible by allowing him to move to Florida for full-time tennis training. He is currently the number one tennis player at Louisiana State University, playing for the tigers.

According to Ronald, losing hope should never be something you are considering because you fail. Failure is an indispensable component of success. Rather than quitting, focus on the positives in your life. Leverage the positivity to keep going; the world will recognize you when the time is right. Greatness doesn’t come cheap; it requires hard work and dedication. Ronald’s advice to anyone in his position is to keep training hard, even when you are not getting the result you wanted. The time will come when your effort will pay off for good.