In a recent conversation with Rounak Roy, he dropped 3 success tidbits for any budding commission hunters. That said, these could be applied to anyone looking to grow their business, period. 

Tip 1: Build A List

The old direct marketing adage “the money is in the list” still reigns true. You see, the people on your list are your most interested prospects by default. They’re letting you know they want to hear from you and might be receptive to you making them offers, so communicate with them regularly. Let them know about you, what you’ve done and what you’re doing next. Make your emails valuable, too, so your subscribers can benefit from your teachings in the “real world”. When you’re doing this, you become someone they know, like, and trust – and your subscribers buy from those they know, like, and trust. 

Tip 2: List Social Patterns Generating The Most Traffic

There’s no point pumping time and money into a social platform that’s not bringing your website traffic. Instead, you want to be focussing on the movers and shakers – the social platforms taking you closer to your goal and best leading your prospects through your sales funnel. This way, you’re putting more focus into what’s taking you to your goal, which could ultimately lead to faster success – in the case of the affiliate marketer, this is the next commission. When all’s said and done, success is attracted to speed, and wasting time on what’s not bringing you progress is holding you back.  

Tip 3: Check And Analyse Your Best Performing Instagram And Facebook Posts

Re-read your best content…were you dropping value bombs? Revealing personal truths? What groups were you posting in? Ask yourself these questions and, once you have your answers, replicate the types of posts that brought you the best ROI. Much like the second point, this will help you reach your goal faster because focussing on systems that don’t move you forward is time wasted, and time is more important than the next dollar bill will ever be. 

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