Living the life of an entrepreneur takes an intense amount of courage and drive, going against what is deemed “normal”, taking the path less travelled and meeting face-to-face with your fears and doubts in order to pursue a dream of being your own boss. It can be incredibly overwhelming if you’re not prepared, but the rewards are well-worth the challenges. Becoming your own boss, creating your own value to share with the world and building the lifestyle you dream of leads many passionate and motivated entrepreneurs to a path of success, and paving the way for so much more to follow.

Business and Mindset Mentor and Online Service Provider guru Karlie Young found herself trekking down the path and changing her life as a Virtual Assistant in 2020 as the pandemic first hit. Although she was nervous if she would find success as an Online Service Provider and an introvert; a field where you really have to put yourself out there for your clients, Karlie pushed past her fears and took a massive leap of faith. After only 3.5 months working as a Virtual Assistant, Karlie had found her stride and her business took off, allowing her to leave her corporate life behind and make the transition to being a full time Online Business Manager.

From this short term success Karlie didn’t stop there! She continued to grow with intense focus, hard work and a relentless pursuit of her goals. She was supporting clients on a high level and scaling her own business. Within 9 months of starting her business, Karlie was smashing milestones and hit her first 6-figures in her business.

Working as a successful Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager were monumental trials that Karlie initially didn’t think she was ready for, but she pushed herself out of her comfort zone, overcame her challenges and found growth both as an entrepreneur and as a person. Starting her journey as an Online Service Provider became the moment of liberation for Karlie where she changed her life’s trajectory, finding the freedom, flexibility and success she had been seeking.

It’s been such a journey for me over the years and I just want people to know; if you have the dream, the right amount of drive and resilience, then owning your own full-time business, being in control of your life, and the ability to create a multi-6-figure business is 100% possible for you!” explained Karlie.

Karlie’s success in her business inspired her to use her experience as a platform to help guide others towards their own goals, by stepping into her role as a business mentor. Her group mentorship program VA Foundations has been such an amazing success, putting over 50 women on the pathway to growing their own successful Virtual Assistant businesses.

Always moving forward, Karlie has been hard at work integrating her knowledge and refining her process to create the best possible value for her clients. Karlie’s newest project has her taking on a more dedicated coaching role for Online Service Providers; including Social Media Managers, Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants and more, dedicating intense energy into nurturing courageous entrepreneurs that can scale beyond the beginning phase on their business, helping them to step into the wildly successful 6 figure business owners they dream of becoming.

The balance of strategy and mindset support is essential as you grow your business.” Karlie explains. “Without proper guidance and support, it can feel like you’re rowing a boat across open waters with a hole in it. No matter how hard you paddle to get to your destination (implementing the business strategy), you’ll sink if you don’t fill the hole ( supporting your mindset). You need both to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Don’t get caught in open waters. Take control of your future today and connect with Karlie Young through her website and her Instagram pages to learn more about how her strategies and support will have you riding the wave of highly successful online service providers and creating your dream life!