Ryan Engh was born to Natalie and Andy Engh in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Ryan attended public school and played baseball for EvoShield Canes, an elite travel baseball program best known for producing top-level recruits before turning 18. However, Ryan graduated with a lower GPA, and he had to attend High Point University for baseball. It was at college, while he juggled academics with baseball, that he founded the social media tech start-up Entrepreneurship Empire Inc. 

With his company Entrepreneurship Empire Inc, Ryan has gone on to help celebrities and real estate investors build their social media brand through in-depth storytelling. By the time he turned 19, he had dropped out of High Point and focused on his start-up and, at the same time, specializing in travel hacking and gaming the credit card system. Ryan operates to help young entrepreneurs looking to grow and build and people who want to invest in themselves. 

On his motivation, he said, “I was motivated to get into my business because I was always interested in learning tactical things that apply to everyday life. I am very goal and completion-driven, but I had a goal to be a professional athlete in school. I was lucky enough to have the experience of playing D1 Baseball and seeing what that life was preparing me for that I didn’t want.” Ryan says. 

He describes himself as someone who loves education and learning but hates the system. He believes that many people stop learning the day they graduate or leave school, and that alone is a failure of the school system. Realizing that people can be influenced by what they see, he knew he had immense power on his hands. On his five-year plan, Ryan said, “My next project is making a big push in the media space to get everyone’s attention on education with a focus on applicable principles such as credit.”