Breaking Down The Art of War

Study of the five elements of warfare, The Moral Law; Heaven (weather); Earth (terrain); The Commander; Method and Discipline.

Utilize your enemies resources for your own.

Not fighting and winning is achieved through superior strategy.


Total domination through exploitation of enemy’s mistakes and elimination of your own.

Zig and zag using contradictory tactics appearing weak
when strong or strong when weak to confuse your enemy.

Undefended territory must be attacked.


Arrive and advance before your enemy through clear communication.

Reckless, cowardice, anger, and overconcern for your troops and your honor ruins leaders.

Take time to know your troops before you discipline them.


Only when you know your troops, your enemy, and the terrain should you attack.

Fight not for fame or retreat fearing shame.


ait for the right time when launching a unique attack.

Acquire knowledge from and give false information to your enemy through the use of spies.

Read, Remember, Recall

The Art of War
2016 edition by Arcturus Publishing Limited.
A.R.K. Acronym Retaining Knowledge by Shaun Dixon 6.12.20
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