Organizations are readying to resume as countries worldwide plan how to resume normal economic growth following COVID-19 shut downs. While it’s critical to put security measures in essential to ensure clients and employers when they resume to your facilities, it’s also critical to plan for the future.

Unending menace and sanitation services and precautions can keep your company safe either now or in the future if additional shutdown restrictions are imposed.

The COVID-19 disaster has altered people’s perceptions of their own safety on public property. Workers and customers now anticipate ongoing assurances that their protection is being done regardless of, and companies must have appropriate plans in place.

Services of consultation

There are popular hotspots in many residences, such as public spaces or regularly touched items, where viruses can quickly transmitted in the air, on surfaces, or from person – to – person. Designed to target such areas necessitate a comprehensive strategy that counteracts propagation at all points where cross-contamination can take place.

Our sanitary experts conduct a full poll and evaluation of health and safety potential risks on your facilities before developing the most efficient package customized to your company’s needs. Our customers are able on how and where interconnected hygiene strategies should be offered to optimize usage as well as provide ongoing protection for employees.

Staff training

Maintaining proper hygiene is an essential part of maintaining your workplace clean. A working person touches up to 30 items that could be infected by viruses and bacteria every 60 seconds, so establishing a good hand washing culture in your workplace can help lower germ spread substantially.

Packages for personal safety

Although the spread of COVID-19 remains a major concern, providing your employees with the tools they need to safeguard themselves keeps them safe and shows that you value about their wellbeing.

Continuity strategies

Following the application of integrated safety precautions, it’s critical to prepare for future COVID-19 epidemics and ensuing closures that could hinder your business activities.

Contingency plans keep your property safe throughout any closure, mitigate the severity of infestations on your company, and help you get back to work faster.

As you reopen and beyond, we’ll keep you safe

Fire Watch Guards can assist you with your strategies if you’re thinking about how your company will conduct business in the new normal as well as fire safety. With our expert solutions and services, you can demonstrate a strategic approach to health and safety, convince your employees, and have contentment that your company is prepared in the event of proposed regulations.


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