Sahil Sachdeva

Sahil Sachdeva is an entrepreneur hailing from Ambala, a town in Haryana, and is the founder and CEO of Level Up holdings, He believes in creating his path and has always chosen unconventional routes.

A personal brand is a way people perceive you. It includes your personality, your vibe, and everything that you bring to the table. For a second, think of the people you follow on the internet and assign one adjective to each of them. Some could be funny, some creative, some artistic.

‘Why’ build a personal brand?

How does one create a personal brand? More importantly, why does one create a personal brand. A ‘why’ i.e. a reason, can only lead to the ‘how’ i.e. the destination.  Your reasons to have a personal brand could be anything, but it is crucial to have one. Having no reason can easily lead you to drop out of the game.

Defining your audience.

Once you have your “why” in place, you need to define your target audience. The target audience is the one who either needs your product/service or likes to consume your content. Extensively work on specifying this, as it would make the other steps easier. Decide on a Social Media platform. Every platform has a distinct vibe and audience. With a billion people using the internet, you would never be short of eyeballs on any platform. So, choose wisely, pick one depending upon the content you create and the people you want to attract.

How do you build a personal brand?

Study your fellow creators/businesses, listen to the industry experts. Learn from them, take inspiration but never copy. Observe the people in your space lookout for gaps that you can fill. Your competition can be a source of learning if you study them well. Be consistent, show up every day, share your stories, be it a failure or success. Network with fellow creators, build relationships. Level up, learn new things.

It takes consistent efforts made over a long period of time to build a personal brand.